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Martina Martignoni martina.martignoni at yahoo.it
Sat Jul 10 13:48:13 CEST 2010

Dear all,
about the organization about the very 
technical side of the
web-journal, I think we should work as follow:

I think that there are three tasks: 

Collect the articles and keep the
	relations with the authors;
	proofread the articles;
	do the layout.

The first task must
concern the editors and maybe one editor in particular;

the second
 task could concern more
persons but in who we trust and who
should be payed for this work.
The third
 task must concern one person
or more perons who work together. Last time I did this work, I offer
myself to do it but if someone of us know someone else who do this as
work (professionaly I mean) could suggest him/her (I know someone for
example) but we have to be sure to pay him/her. (for what concern
myself I can do it without remuneration considering this work my
personal contibution to the work of the collective).

Then the work should 
be organised as
The authors write the articles
following our guidelines then they send them to the editor of the
collective who have the task of collect the articles. This person
send the article to the person who proofread it. After the
proofreading the article turn back to the editor. If the article is correct it can be sent to the person who
does the layout, if the article needs corrections it must be sent
back to the author, then again to the editor, then to the layout. It 
is very important that to the person who does the layout arrive the very
 last version proofread and correct of the articles!

Sorry for the mess! I hope it's clear! 

We think that the deadline should be in th middle of December in order to publish in March 2011.

We will send as soon as possible the call for the articles with the guidelines.

We have to find someone who do the
proofread (we need to think about the founds).

We have to decide if I continue to do the
 layout or if we give this task to someone else.
What do you think about?


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