[Art_of_Criticism] Report Art of Criticism Meet-up #1

Leonieke van Dipten leonieke at networkcultures.org
Wed Dec 20 11:19:25 CET 2017

Dear All,

We want to thank you kindly for your enthusiasm, input, books and presentations during the Art of Criticism meet-up. The discussions have brought new elements to our understanding and we are looking forward to continue this project as a consortium.  

Attached you will find a summary of the session. Please have a look and send us any further thoughts you may have. As discussed we also send around a questionnaire to make an inventory of all organizations and projects. Please fill out this form <https://goo.gl/forms/x0hvnrhMMHMCEgAL2>, so we can add all relevant projects to our blog. If you have any upcoming events, projects or thought to share, feel free to use this mailinglist and blog <http://networkcultures.org/artofcriticism/>. 

After the Christmas-break, we will work on the second meet-up in 2018. 

Best wishes,

Leonieke van Dipten
Institute of Network Cultures
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences | HvA
room 04A09
Rhijnspoorplein 1
NL-1091 GC Amsterdam
t: +31 6 11 84 84 00
Leonieke at networkcultures.org

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