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Art and Technology for Inclusive Critical Cultures

We are happy to announce the art of criticism consortium submitted a project proposal for a COST-Action network grant. Art and Technology for Inclusive Critical Cultures (ARTECC) seeks to develop strategies, technologies and economically viable models for the protection and strengthening of critical cultures in Europe. It sets out to explore and promote critical cultures that are inclusive and sustainable, and that operate on the cutting edge of developments in artistic technology and post-digital aesthetic theory. These goals will be furthered through the pursuit of interdisciplinary theoretical research, the staging of transdisciplinary and experimental interventions throughout the participating countries, and producing an innovative, open access set of tools and work modes, events and publications, aimed at institutions, media, practitioners, and policy makers. 

Stay up to date on the application and forthcoming events via the Art of Criticism Blog <http://networkcultures.org/artofcriticism>. 

Launch How To: Digital Art Criticism in Amsterdam. 

On Thursday 19th of April the Domain of Art Criticism and the INC launched the How To Digitale Kunstkritiek at SPUI25 in Amsterdam. The How To is a practical guide, which discusses tools and methods for digital criticism. It brings together experiments that have been carried out in recent years in the field of digital art criticism, initiated by the PublishingLab, the Institute of Network Cultures and the Domain for Art Criticism. It offers a practical guide to the practice of art criticism in an increasingly digitized culture. In response to expert meetings, workshops and master classes, various tools have been developed that have subsequently been tested together with cultural institutions. In this How To you can find the tools and working methods that proved to be the most user-friendly. 

The How To is freely available <http://networkcultures.org/artofcriticism/2018/05/15/how-to-digital-criticism/> (in Dutch). 

Forthcoming event: Criticism in the Post 

Saturday 2 June, Sunday 3 June 
MDT, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm

For almost two years, Kritiklabbet has explored the future of criticism in the post-digital public sphere, together with researchers, critics, politicians, officials, artists and many others. Now they finish their work with a two day symposium at MDT, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm. You are most welcome!

The theme of the event is the critical potential of the old-fashioned letter in the future public sphere. Is a new republic of letters possible? And if so, on what premises? The doors open at 11:00 on Saturday and the event continue until late in the evening. The time is filled with readings, discussion, food, drinks, parties and dancing. A panel with invited guests will also meet in a discussion with the title 'Who takes responsibility for the criticism?'. On Sundays we meet again at 11:00 to 14:00 in order to discuss our impressions from Saturday. 

A detailed program is forthcoming <http://kritiklabbet.se/>.

Divide and conquer: the future of online criticism

The Digital Critic: Literary Culture Online – a review by Miriam Rasch
‘Online, everyone is a critic – but only insofar as everyone is also a consumer.’ A cynical, but prescient quote from Robert Barry’s essay in the 2017 collection The Digital Critic: Literary Culture Online which dives into ‘the changing conditions of criticism in a digital age’. The seventeen essays in this book raise important questions: What impact has the internet had in the field of criticism? Has the internet age brought out any truly new forms of critique, or does it all just come down to marketing? Does criticism still exist at all?

Read the full review here <http://networkcultures.org/artofcriticism/2018/04/25/divide-and-conquer-the-future-of-online-criticism/>. 

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