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Please do share any responses / other perspectives on the Christchurch Call. 

Facebook Tightens Live-Stream Rules in Response to the Christchurch Massacre <http://time.com/5589478/facebook-tightens-live-stream-rules-in-response-to-the-christchurch-massacre/>  (Time / 15 May 2019)

From https://www.dw.com/en/christchurch-call-launched-in-paris-as-facebook-limits-livestreaming-for-extremists/a-48751626 <https://www.dw.com/en/christchurch-call-launched-in-paris-as-facebook-limits-livestreaming-for-extremists/a-48751626> (DW / 15 May 2019)

Main points of the Christchurch plan
The main points are:
cooperation among tech industry rivals to develop tools to detect and remove hateful content
immediate, effective measures to increase oversight of livestreaming
moderating content for violence or extremist ideologies
efforts to improve digital fingerprinting technologies to identify images and videos
review of algorithms which determine what people see in their online accounts
promote via algorithms credible, positive alternatives or counter-narratives
jointly invest in and expand the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism to prevent platform exploitation
sharing of findings between larger and smaller platforms and with developing nations.
Signatories to the plan are also encouraged to invest in education and media literacy to combat extremist ideologies.
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