<CPOV> Updates for the Wikipedia General Survey

Felipe Ortega jfelipe at gsyc.es
Sun Apr 18 18:45:23 CEST 2010

Hello, all.

A couple of hectic weeks after vacations prevented me to realize that an
update of the Wikipedia General Survey results was issued on April 2.


Among other interesting points (I encourage you to read the reports,
since they're presented in a very straightforward way):

- It looks like my favourite stat (% of contributors among female
Wikipedia users) has changed dramatically in the final numbers. I'm
trying to check why with the UNU-MERIT team, since it is suprising for
me, unless they happened to process most of female contributors answers
at first.

- A significant proportion of users still demand more information on
which specific areas of Wikipedia still need substantial contributions.
This concurs with the ideas already mentioned so far on possible ways to
improve the editorial work.

Please, share your comments and insights for the results.

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