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Tue Apr 20 17:53:23 CEST 2010

Dear Thomas,

I believe this has little to do with nationalism. It is just a matter of
knowing where people come from and recognizing that there were ambassadors
of different cultures present at the conference. I, as a social scientist
from Brazil, who lived in Germany, am sure that the culture one person is
born into have a strong influence in their way of thinking. It is
definitely interesting to see what topics and what conclusions people from
different cultures talking about a central theme come up with, their
differences and similarities. Maybe our definitions of nationalism are not
the same. This might be due to our different cultural backgrounds. Was
that banal sociological nationalism?


> Dear all,
> I realize this might not be the most polite way to introduce myself to the
> list, but as a sociologist working inter alia on nationalism, and being
> all too weary of banal nationalism (Michael Billig) and sociological
> nationalism, it struck me, that the presentation of the videos like this:
>> http://vimeo.com/10605801 Ramon Reichert (AT) Rethinking Wikipedia:
>> Power, Knowledge and the Technologies of the Self
> (and so on) is a typical case of this type of this kind nationalism. I
> don't know, if "AT" in preferences means the presenters citizenship status
> or his residence status or the country, where the institution he's
> affiliated with (if any) is located in, but none of the answers would be
> in any way essential for me deciding, whether I want to watch the video.
> Nor should they be in my view, as long as they are not speaking as state
> officials (which I doubt anyone of the presenters does).
> Can I therefore please kindly ask you to omit national affiliations in the
> future? More helpful would be the institutional affiliation, if you think
> there is a need to categorize presenters.
> Many thanks!
> Thomas
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> thomas koenig
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> university of surrey
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