<CPOV> Personal Attacks in Real Life

Andreas Kemper andreas.erich.kemper at googlemail.com
Sun Jun 6 02:52:30 CEST 2010


My name is Andreas Kemper and I'm writing in German-Speaking Wikipedia since
2005. My subject in Wikipedia is 'discrimination': articles about
discrimination but also is my subject 'discrimination in Wikipedia'. I saw a
lot of personal attacks in this field and I know there is some research
about personal attacks in Wikipedia. But there are also attacks against
Wikipeida-Authors in their real life.

I would like to know if there is any research about personal attacks against
Wikipedia-Authors in the "real life"? Attacks like repression by
police or triggered
persecution by religious or political fanatics? Attacks like posting the
real name and photos on websites, phone calls, harassments? And research
about the impact of this attacks, and how Wikipedia-Authors defend



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