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Hi Elad,

this is so very true! But what can be done to stop 'fragmentation'? Should
the content of several encyclopedias with different povs be interlinked?
would that work?


> One of the very apparent deficiencies of Wikipedia, inherent to choosing
> wiki as the platform for building and encyclopedia, is that is does not
> serve as a "market" for opinions or for PoVs; rather it is being used as a
> battlefield for getting one's PoV to prevail: only one version of a
> document/term is presented to the general public at each point in time.
> One may say that ideally the version presented in Wikipedia should be
> pluralistic so to represent different PoVs for each term/subject, but this
> way of thinking by itself is very much a liberal PoV, biased by itself; it
> can be argued on behalf of any dogmatic PoV (be it any of the religions or
> dogmas like political stands etc.) that in order to "do justice" with its
> arguments, the public should be able to observe its definitions (or
> encyclopedic entries) in a holistic manner, not being digested and
> compared
> to other ideas on a "by paragraph" basis.
> Because Wikipedia does not enable the presentation of parallel dogmatic
> PoVs
> to the general public in the same time, those who support other PoVs
> (essentially, less pluralistic/liberal) are driven to come up with
> separated encyclopedias.
> The outcome, IMHO, is that dominant sectors would get tired from the
> "battlefield" and thus from the dialog; the "pluralistic" Wikipedia will
> either (1) be hijacked by a certain dogma, or (2) lack the contribution of
> the "enthusiasts" who in turn will go to present their ideas on a
> separate,
> more supportive, stage.
> Elad
> On Mon, Jun 14, 2010 at 17:04, Maja van der Velden
> <majava at ifi.uio.no>wrote:
>> Hi Juliana,
>> I am traveling and i don't have much time. I find this an interesting
>> topic. I am sorry i have to be brief in my reply. Maybe i misunderstand,
>> but
>> i understand in this context 'christianization' and 'western' as
>> different
>> from each other. I based my comment on the fact that there are christian
>> websites, christian search engines, christian software releases (e.g.
>> http://www.ubuntuce.com/) etc. that target people with Christian
>> religious
>> beliefs.
>> In my CPOV presentation i proposed the idea of a distributed Wikipedia.
>> I
>> know that is understood as something else as the sites mentioned in your
>> article. But i think we already have many POVs. Having your POV made
>> invisible may do more harm.
>> Greetings,
>> Maja
>> On Jun 14, 2010, at 3:47 PM, Juliana Brunello wrote:
>>  Hi Maja,
>>> I don't believe we can speak of 'christianization of the web', but from
>>> a
>>> 'westernization'. Basically, the internet was born in the west and it
>>> was
>>> only natural for it to represent western views. I do praise diversity,
>>> but
>>> that was not my point. The question is, if separating povs - a chinese
>>> encyclopedia, a muslim, a 'western' - that do not communicate with one
>>> another. Will the definitions of reality of each nation be strengthen
>>> and
>>> cooperation and understanding among them be weakened?
>>> Juliana
>>>  Hi Juliana,
>>>> We can also speak of the 'christianization on the web' - but that
>>>> trend does not seem to attract the same media coverage.
>>>> About 'separatism': If 'western' is perceived as representative of the
>>>> world, then, I guess you can call the move away 'separatism'.
>>>> I find it sometimes more productive to look for the differences
>>>> (diversity) within a system or category and the similarities across
>>>> systems or categories.
>>>> Greetings,
>>>> Maja
>>>> On Jun 14, 2010, at 2:39 PM, Juliana Brunello wrote:
>>>>  Islamicfacebook.com, NaqaTube, imhalal.com and now Ilmpedia. These
>>>>> are all
>>>>> Muslim sites based on well known 'western' social sites. Ilmpedia
>>>>> will be
>>>>> an encyclopedia based mostly on Islamic sources. The article linked
>>>>> below
>>>>> states that "websites like these are part of a growing trend of
>>>>> Islamisation on the web". I ask myself, what the consequences of this
>>>>> separatism from the 'western' websites are going to be. Will we have
>>>>> more
>>>>> information sources with different povs, so that we will be able to
>>>>> form
>>>>> our own opinions in a more balanced way; or will we have the
>>>>> opposite, one
>>>>> stream fighting the other and strengthening biased povs even more? I
>>>>> wish
>>>>> for the first, but I am not all too positive about it.
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