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Andy & All,

Short note only, as it's late and I have some work around the yard to do tomorrow.

Yes, multiple accounts are officially inveighed against, but it's like every other
"policy" or "guideline" on Wikipedia, you soon find that the "cops" break the very
laws they pretend to enforce, and after you've seen that double standards are more
the rule than the exception you begin to get a little satirical yourself -- for my
part I gradually came to lose every last shred of respect for "Wikipedia's Finest".

I'm probably not the one to interrogate about individual cases, as I try
to keep my eyes on the Big Picture and the "whole system" view of things,
but several participants in the WR forum excel in the investigative side
of things and they could give you all the detail you want about the more
notorious cases.

Jon Awbrey


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