<CPOV> Wikimedia evolution in terms of governance and the creation of a Foundation

Fuster, Mayo Mayo.Fuster at EUI.eu
Sat Mar 6 19:55:24 CET 2010

Hello everyone at the CPOV list!

I hope that you are fine.

I would like to make you notice a recent post I did for the CPOV web-resource. With this post I would like to contribute to the e-list exchange with an overview of the evolution of the Wikimedia governance and the role of the Foundation across time. Furthermore, I hope it could also help to contextualise my presentation at the CPOV which will address the role of the Wikimedia Foundation for the Wikimedia eco-system and its international-global expansion. 

Here it is: http://networkcultures.org/wpmu/cpov/resources/resources_in_english/wikimedia-evolution-in-terms-of-governance-and-the-creation-of-a-foundation/

Comments, critiques and suggestions are very welcome! Mayo 

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