<CPOV> Wiki-Sprint Documentation

Manuel Schmalstieg ms at ms-studio.net
Mon May 24 21:51:28 CEST 2010


I have the pleasure to inform you that the documentation of the
"Wiki-Sprint" workshop is now online at http://wiki-sprint.ch/blog/

This project--an experiment in grassroots knowledge management--has
been carried out during Mapping Festival in Geneva, May 6-13th, and
consisted in an international get-together of scholars, artists, geeks
and tinkerers, working through 5 days of intense collaborative
text-editing, in order to challenge, redefine and improve the
representation of the audiovisual artform of "VJing" (live video
performance) on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The online documentation includes timelapse videos, photos, code
snippets, and--most importantly--the full audio recording of the
public reading of the Wikipedia article by the workshop team.

I hope you will enjoy listening/reading/browsing through our data.

Thanks for your attention.

Manuel Schmalstieg

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