<CPOV> Universal Encyclopedic Vision : Up Sides & Down Sides

Juliana Brunello juliana at networkcultures.org
Wed May 26 11:22:25 CEST 2010

This is very interesting. Just some thoughts that occurred to me when I
was reading it:

First, I could not avoid thinking on the current wars between
inclusionists and deletionists. If the deletionists should win (or have
they already won?) then there is the problem of Wikipedia purporting just
what a minority of editors considers to be "important knowledge".
Following that thought, I came to the NPoV issue: can one judge what
important knowledge is with NPoV in mind? I do not think it is possible,
actually, it is very contradictory.

The discussion you mentioned also points to the concept of encyclopedias
being "inherently feudal" ... "set out to put a stop to the origination of
new knowledge". I have to disagree with that. No original research inside
an encyclopedia does not mean no original research outside it.


> Re:
> http://p10.alfaservers.com/pipermail/cpov_listcultures.org/2010-May/000135.html
> Incidentally, Herschel Krustofsky raised a similar question
> almost exactly two years ago in The Wikipedia Review, here:
> http://wikipediareview.com/index.php?showtopic=18623
> Once again, I don't think I caught the full drift of what he was saying --
> and this even though, as I now tardily recognize, it echoes themes that
> I once studied rather intently.  Oh well, blame it on the burnout nova.
> At any rate, this CPOV thread inspired me to raise HK's old WR thread back
> from
> the depths of our meta-discussion sediments, and some CPOVers may find
> study there.
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