<CPOV> A critique of the idea of neutral language

Jon Awbrey jawbrey at att.net
Fri May 28 14:26:29 CEST 2010


So where would you want to go with this?  The links that you gave debouch,
as they say, onto a very wide field, most of which is far more interesting
than the Wikipedestrian defile on whose fruits we currently gorge -- or gag.
To your new rhetoric I might well add the golden oldie of Peircean semiotic,
but what would be the first critical step in the application to wikioid media?

Jon Awbrey

Alan Shapiro wrote:
 > As a contribution to the ongoing debate and discussion, I have
 > posted at my website some writing by my friend Marc Silver called
 > "Arguing the Case: Language and Play in Argumentation":
 > http://www.alan-shapiro.com/arguing-the-case-by-marc-silver/
 > This is an excerpt from Marc's book which addresses
 > the question of neutrality in discourse and knowledge.
 > Marc Silver is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Modena, Italy.
 > -- Alan N. Shapiro


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