<CPOV> BBC Arabic report about the Middle East conflict and Wikipedia

Dror Kamir dqamir at bezeqint.net
Mon Nov 29 13:41:04 CET 2010


This report is entirely in Arabic, so I suppose most of you won't 
benefit from it, and yet, you never know when a source of information in 
a language you don't understand might come in handy. Besides, yours 
truly pops up in this report twice talking Arabic in a bad accent.
The trigger for this report by BBC Arabic is the workshops organized by 
some Israeli right-wing organizations on how to introduce "Zionist 
edits" into Wikipedia. For the time being, I haven't seen any 
significant influence of these groups. Anyway, I was asked to give my 
five cents about the reflection of the Middle East conflict on 
Wikipedia. A few extra dimes were given by a Palestinian editor. Then 
there is a long interview with an Arabic-speaking Huffington Post 
reporter about how the new media changes the nature of the Middle 
Eastern conflict.


Dror K

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