<CPOV> So has anyone else seen Truth in Numbers?

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On Miércoles, 27 de Octubre de 2010 10:11:48 Niesyto, Johanna escribió:
> Hi Joseph
> I watched it in July in Gdansk when it was screened for the first time for
> the Wikimania 2010. I personally thought it was a bit too much
> Wales-Keen-centred and the title is catchy but might be misleading -- we
> know that core editing is not so much about numbers... The discussion
> afterwards alluded to the question of how a film can be balanced and what
> a documentary and npov have in common. While film has its own logic and
> idea of 'authorship', there were also questions concerning the commercial
> model of film distrubution. Also the 'edit button' was missed by some
> 'Wikimaniacs' -- they would  love to see the huge amount of  raw material
> online, so that everyone can take another look ... or even cut a film? I
> don't know if the material is online yet. However I did very much enjoy to
> watch the film on the Wikimania as two different media formats talked to
> eachother...

According to what Andrew Lih said about the official public release, the video 
should be aired early next month. I hope they will offer some opportunity for 
adding subtitles. It will be really useful for sessions about Wikipedia 
community in our Master.

I'm waiting to watch it again. As I reflected in my comments after Wikimania 
2010, it left me with many mixed feelings. Specially on whether this video can 
help to lower barriers and reluctant attitudes among scholars, and facilitate 
using Wikipedia in univerisities and other educational levels.


> Grz
> Johanna
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> Betreff: <CPOV> So has anyone else seen Truth in Numbers?
> So has anyone else seen Truth in Numbers [1]? I watched it online at the
> end of last week (as noted here [2].) I understand some Wikipedians
> construed it as an attack...? I can see that, though I didn't think the
> film was an unreasonable take. I thought it was well produced, and
> generally enjoyed the talking heads from all POVs -- with one exception.
> [1]:
> http://www.snagfilms.com/films/title/truth_in_numbers_everything_according
> _to_wikipedia/ [2]:
> http://reagle.org/joseph/blog/social/wikipedia/truth-in-advertising
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