<CPOV> A quote from an English-language Wikipedia talk page that begs some pondering and comments

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hi dror,

i want to know why it is interesting to you. is it because of the request
to add a reference to anything that is challenged or is it something else?
i guess i don't see what is so special about it, compared to all the other
discussion pages and what goes on in them. i'm interested to know why
you're interested in it.

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On Sun, Oct 30, 2011 at 1:14 AM, Dror Kamir <dqamir at bezeqint.net> wrote:

>  Hi,
> I have recently found the following quote on one of the English-language
> Wikipedia's talk pages. This comment was made in the context of sourcing
> information related to the Arab-Israeli conflict. I bring it as it was
> written, but without identifying details. I wonder about this person's view
> regarding the purpose of sourcing information. If you can spare a moment,
> please tell me what you think
> " *Indeed, the usual suspects are here making spurious claims about the
> evils of those who, shock and horror, request citations for material in
> encyclopedia article. These people, who are known to do such things as call
> the villages of the natives that had been destroyed by European colonists
> hovels with no connection to any contributions to greater society or call
> the natives themselves illegal squatters or displaced Jordanians, still
> have not internalized the simple point that all material that is challenged
> requires an in-line citation and that references are not the same thing as
> external links. And yet, because they fail to understand these basic
> points, they feel both justified and qualified to claim that those that do
> understand these basic points are engaging in nonsensical wikilawyering. It
> may be nonsensical as it does not make sense to you, but I can ask a group
> of fourth graders if it makes sense to them. I am fairly confident that
> they will be able to grasp such a basic concept as add citations when they
> are requested, don't cry about the person requesting them. *"
> Dror
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