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Geert Lovink geert at xs4all.nl
Tue Jan 20 11:39:31 CET 2015

>> From: Yishi Zuo <yishizuo at gmail.com>
>> Subject: Wiki-Style Journalism Start-Up
>> Date: 19 januari 2015 17:09:31 CET
>> Hello – I am a fan of the work of the Institute of Network Cultures. I am especially interested in the CPOV Wikipedia Research Initiative, and I’ve done a lot of research of my own on 1) the rise of Wikipedia and 2) the problems facing Wikipedia today. I think that we have some shared interests, and you may be interested in a project that I am working on.
>> I am working on a start-up called Wikispective that should help solve some of the contextual limitations and biases in journalism today. I am attempting to create a new platform for explanatory / opinion journalism. Wikispective will be a crowdsourced, community-based approach. The concept is similar to a Wikipedia for controversial problems, with some additions and tweaks.
>> The website is being built and a prototype will be ready in the first half of 2015.
>> If you are interested, I would love to share more details and hear your opinion. If not, no worries, I will send you a link once the website is up.
>>  Best,
>> -Yishi

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