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Onderwerp: [Wij-steunen] Open Letter to Mayor Halsema

>Femke Halsema wil dat de Vreemdelingenpolitie gaat optreden tegen We Are Here. Dat heeft alom tot verbazing geleid. 
>Hieronder de reactie van Khalid, de laatste woordvoerder van Wij Zijn Hier: 
>O P E N L E T T E R
>Dear Mayor of Amsterdam; Femke Halsema,
>When I met your predecessor Jozias van Aartsen in 2018, I showed him my respect for two reasons.
>When We Are Here had squatted the Dieselstraat he refused to evict the houses. He said that it was not his responsibility but for the public prosecutor and the judge to decide. He did not yield to pressure but let humanity prevail.
>The other reason is that I felt his warmth and open mind.
>Now I feel the gap between we Are Here and you. You seem to telling us: “I don’t like you”. 
>I am afraid of you. You seem to be able to make any decision.
>What shocks me most is that you destroy all the efforts to normalize the situation of undocumented migrants. You propose measures that even the right wing has not come up with.
>Your other predecessor, Eberhard van der Laan, would come to us and discuss about ways forward.
>He created shelter in the former prison in the Havenstraat, which was opposed by some, but we should say thank you and we want more of that.
>Why can’t you build on that? What is your solution?
>The refugee crisis is not something new. Nor are the reasons for migration: climate change, the arms industry fostering wars, poverty and dictators backed by the European Union.
>I think Groen Links has understood this and that they tried to make a change with some steps. But you have destroyed the effort. I can only hope that you can come with a better alternative solution.
>In the name of refugees’ hope.
>Your kind regards
>Khalid Abdu Jone
>Former spokesperson of We Are Here.
>For more info, or you feeling like to involve, here’s the contact information please?
>Email@:  Khalid.jone at gmail.com / mobile phone number  +31684307241 ,
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