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Dag Allemaal,

Al vrees ik dat LEDGER een nogal (extreem?) hoge 'We Fake the City' 
gehalte heeft geef ik het toch door, wellicht staat er iets interessant 

"Fee entry and drinks" : Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes ... (klinkt 
geleerd, maar 't staat gewoon in Asterix ;-)

Veel plezier voor wie er heen mocht gaan. 'Disruption' moet ook kunnen, 
maar let wel, je loopt het risico dat Dyne Jaromil aan je kant staat ;-)

Doewie, p+2D!

  		Welcome LEDGER event invitation, 5th July, Amsterdam, 16:00

  		Tue, 25 Jun 2019 15:43:53 +0200

  		Jaromil <jaromil at dyne.org>

  		Dyne.org Free Software Foundry

  		evel <evel at xs4all.nl>

Dear friends of Dyne.org,

We would like to invite you to the welcome event for the Ledger
projects! This will be an information evening hosted by Dyne.org and
the city of Amsterdam, to introduce 16 winning ventures of the LEDGER
project call 2019 for human-centric solutions that are purpose-driven
and socially useful. Fee entry and drinks and most importantly lots of
food for thoughts: come see the 16 winners of the LEDGER fund in 2019
and prepare for the next call in 2020! 5th of July, 16:00-19:00 at
Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam.

Continue reading here or online with links:

At the Dyne.org foundation we love to develop free and open source
software and we see our efforts as part of a community of hacktivists
and enablers. We encourage the appropriation of technology to weave
narratives of empowerment for people. We want to raise awareness on
the importance of technical sustainability; we want to enhance
people's control on how data and algorithms are developed and
condition everyone's life. We dream of a new, open and inclusive
European model for technological sovereignty.

Our culture is sharing and caring, our mission is the stewardship of
the knowledge commons: for a free world where we can all learn from
each other, take and recombine empowering elements in new
architectures and designs for the common wealth. What sometimes is
hard to get is how to divide the gains fairly, how to imagine and
implement ways that turn the economic strength of the common values
into sustainable and successful projects and ventures.

Our European observatory on Algorithmic Sovereignty reached
significant success in divulging findings and concerns of diverse
European research and development projects. The D-CENT made clear how
participatory processes can be facilitated by accessible technological
means; the DECODE project is researching societal uses for
decentralised technologies and crypto innovations; the Commonfare
project is leveraging bottom-up community projects of wealth
developments through information exchange and participatory budgeting

Now with the LEDGER European project we are raising the bar of our
agency with the opportunity to fund and mentor new teams that develop
"human-centric" solutions that are purpose-driven and socially
useful. Beneficiaries receive up to 200.000 EUR equity free to work
hard and deliver a working implementation of their ideas in 9 months.

The winners by alphabetic order are the following:

1. CoBox, Building Blocks for a Cooperative Cloud, by a team of

2. Consento, providing data privacy powered by Humans for Humans,
by Georepublic UG.

3. Decentralized Science, a distributed Open Science publication
system, with Open Access infrastructure, a reviewer reputation
network and transparent peer reviews, by a team of individuals.

4. Electraseed Fund, which aims at accelerating clean energy
access at digital pace and scale, by Freeelio UG.

5. The Energy Commons Protocol, an interoperable protocol for a
decentralised, sustainable and human-centric energy sector, by
Prosume SRL.

6. Ereuse, which aims at reusing electronics ensuring final
recycling (a transition to a collaborative and circular
consumption of electronics), by Universitat Politècnica de

7. Food Data Market, an inclusive Data Marketplace for Sustainable
Food Production, Equal Distribution of Gains and Digital
Sovereignty of Citizens and Farmers, by Prospeh d.o.o.

8. Heimdall, which provides a self-hosted privacy-focused cloud
alternative by decentralisation of services, by a team of

9. House.coop, a turnkey cooperative to regain control of our
housing, by a team of individuals.

10. iGive2, which decentralises chronic disease management with a
community-based human centred platform that motivates healthy
living & self-care, by iBreve Ltd.

11. Merits, the platform for the eco-centric economy which
facilitates the creation of social and economic ecosystems centred
on caring for people, communities and nature, by Merits Srl SB.

12. oneHEALTH, which will challenge proprietary health data of
apps and wearables by unifying them via a blockchain based
interoperable registry, by Eurob Creative.

13. Project Aiur, a knowledge validation engine combining
blockchain and AI technology, by Iris AI AS.

14. Synergy, a toolkit, running on a distributed ledger, providing
financial services for cooperatives: micro-funding, loyalty,
transactions, by Synetairismos Ergazomenon Sociality.

15. Unified Science, an academic collaboration platform for
empowering researchers to boost their impact, get rewarded for
contributions, and control privacy, by Mesensei Oy

16. WorldBrain.io, which battles misinformation & social
polarisation with collective web intelligence, by WorldBrain UG.

The event on the 5th of July is our "Welcome Bootcamp" for these
teams: the beneficiaries of the LEDGER fund will present their
projects, selected for their ethical values, quality and delivery

You are invited to come along with colleagues, students and friends to
learn more about these projects. It can be particularly interesting
for those thinking to engage the call, since next year we will award
again 16 new teams. At this event you will have a complete overview of
the winners with focused, presentations short and to the point, to get
to know what matters best in our broad agenda.

Entry is FREE and drinks too - Dutch borrel style! If you have
questions, want to RSVP for big groups or like to meet with our
Dyne.org team before the start of the event, please mail to
info at dyne.org with subject LEDGER. We hope to see you and most
importantly wish that teams of people that are working to develop Free
and Open Source technology for ethical goals gets a growing support in

We would love to see you there,


   Denis "Jaromil" Roio      https://Dyne.org think &do tank
   Ph.D, CTO & co-founder    software to empower communities
   ✉ Haparandadam 7-A1, 1013AK Amsterdam, The Netherlands
   ✩ Profile and publications: https://jaromil.dyne.org
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