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Subject: Call for Donations – Kesha Niya

Call for Donations – Kesha Niya

On the 24th of August we’re driving to Ventimiglia to bring donations and
help out at Kesha Niya. Kesha Niya is an autonomous refugee support project
at the French / Italian border. https://keshaniya.org/

We're collecting donations to bring there. Here a list of stuff that is

+ Face masks and disinfectants
+ Sleeping bags and blankets
+ Toothbrushes and toothpaste
+ Soaps
+ in general stuff that is handy to have while travelling (e.g. power
banks, phones, etc.)
+ Medications
+ Solar panels
+ (men's) shoes
+ (men's) clothes
+ Backpacks
+ MONEY to cover travel costs and buy stuff there that is needed

We’re collecting donations at the Binnenpret in Amsterdam and in Zaandam at
the Old School squat. If you have stuff you would like to donate, please
email or message me (knick at riseup.net), also if you have trouble with
transport I might be able to help.

If you want to donate money you can send it to my account with the comment
‘K N support’:
A. Apfel
NL96 TRIO 0338 6100 81

Please share this email with your networks!

Huge thanks for your support!
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