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Sun Jan 26 11:39:45 CET 2020

We, from We Are Here, want to invite all the refugees and supporters to come to our general meeting, Monday 27th Januari at 13.00. Location: The Garage. The old, cold, broken garage where the #Mandelakids are surviving now since 2 moths.
With the great help of stichting Family on a Mission and stichting Gelukzoekers, who are helping to make the life of more than 90, mostly young, mens lifes, less unbearable.
They have to move from the garage end februari and the group of women has to leave their place 1 februari. To where? The streets are no option! 
Europe is changing more and more laws.
The Netherlands does and even our Mayor of Amsterdam don’t allows squatting suddenly anymore.
Punishment for refugees?
Detention and deportation.
Promises from political parties are not been kept and their leaders are talking untruth, what the media eager publishes with a little cutting and pasting. Groen Links changed in White Right.
Politics, Religieus institutes, business. Slavery-industry just changed in refugee-industry.
IND, lawyers, judges, bureaucracy, money, power.
We want to invite all members from all countries, all the members of the different groups in what is We Are Here splitt up is in, all the supporters, squaters to come to our meeting and to start again, together, from what we have learned in the past and from what we know now and find short and longterm solutions for this very big problem. 
To fight together for the right to decide your own destination.
The right for freedom. The right on same right as what is in Article 1, in all conventions off human rights and religieus books. So to forget the exceptions.
For comments, suggestions, questions or to tell us that you will join you can reach us at:
weareherexxx at gmail.com
lJo van der Spek M2M
Soendastraat 6 Indische Buurt. tram 14 of bus 22 en 65
1094BG Amsterdam
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