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Heftug drama in Melbourne, waar bewoners van sociale huisvesting mochten 
beleven wat ons wellicht ook te wachten staat mocht de 'sanitaire 
crisis' in verhevigde omvang terugkeren. let ook op hoe de autoriteiten 
het kwaad nog erger maakten door onvoldoende en ongeschikte voedsel 
(varkensvlees voor Muslim huishoudens) aan de opgesloten bewoners ter 
beschikking stelden.

Ciaoui, p+7D!

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Subject: Public housing and COVID19 injustice in Melbourne
Date: 2020-07-08 04:50
 From: Libby Porter <libby.porter at RMIT.EDU.AU>

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Hi all,

Here in Melbourne we are witnessing an extraordinary “hard lockdown”
imposed only on people living in public housing high-rise towers.
Initiated with literally no warning, and with extremely heavy police
presence – on an already over-policed and racially profiled community.
Kate Shaw and I, along with our colleague David Kelly, wrote a piece on
it for The Conversation which gives some context and outlines what
is happening.


An amazing public effort of outreach and support has been organised to
support the tenants and significant protest and action, but the debate
remains extremely divisive – and exposes deep stigmatising logics
against public housing residents.

As our friends across the world concerned with housing injustice,
perhaps you could help spread informed words about what is happening

In solidarity



_Professor Libby Porter_

_Centre for Urban Research / Sustainability and Urban Planning_

_RMIT University_

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