<Fair City Amsterdam> Declaration Day, tomorrow !

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Sat Nov 26 21:08:44 CET 2022

Dear people,

Tomorrow,  Sunday 27th November, 
the international gathering of free cultural spaces comes into life from 3 o’clock onwards! 
Location: Het Groene Veld, Amsterdam Noord.

We really would appreciate it if you can come to the gathering, or watch the live stream. 
The Declaration Concerning the Universal Values ​​of Free Cultural Spaces is the main subject.

Attached you find the program of the gathering and the Free Space Night.
Start time 15:30

You can download the Declaration here: https://fcsamsterdam.nl/1102-2/ <https://fcsamsterdam.nl/1102-2/> 
 <https://fcsamsterdam.nl/1102-2/>The gathering will be streamed live via https://getiyo.com/freeculturalspaces <https://getiyo.com/freeculturalspaces> and can be viewed afterwards. 
Please share this link on your website and social media.

Best regards and looking forward to see you tomorrow.

On behalf of Free Cultural Spaces Amsterdam
Hay Schoolmeesters

G.J. Scheurleerweg 212
1027 BA Amsterdam
e: freeculturalspaces at gmail.com <mailto:freeculturalspaces at gmail.com>

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