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Geert Lovink geert at xs4all.nl
Thu Apr 29 08:22:06 CEST 2010

Dear all,

wellcome (back) to the Fibreculture list. Over the past weeks we've  
grown to nearly 150 subscribers. That's a good amount to start a  
decent conversation. For sure more will join over time. If you want to  
invite friends, students and others, please use the text below.   
Remember, Fibreculture is not a strictly academics-only list. The idea  
was, and still is, to bridge the gaps between artists, activists,  
programmers and researchers and define together what critical issues  
in 'new media' are in the Australian context.

The Fibreculture initiative currently runs the journal and a Ning  
network. The whole domain of 'digital publishing' is on the move and  
many of us are looking for new platforms to distribute our work. I am  
certain that this will be one of many common themes that we can  
discuss and act upon.

Best, Geert


Restart of the Fibreculture Mailinglist

Please join the list and subscribe now!

To register, please visit:

After a period of technical difficulties and uncertainty about its  
destiny, the Fibreculture (email) list has been revitalized. Founded  
by David Teh and Geert Lovink the list started in January 2001. The  
aim of the Fibreculture initiative is to be a platform for critical,  
interdisciplinary new media research in Australia. The list soon spun  
off a range of activities, from real-life meetings, a website,  
publications, and, most significantly, the Fibreculture Journal, which  
launched in 2003.

Recent developments such as Conroy’s censorship plans, the new media  
stagnation in education, broadband politics and Google’s position in  
all this has prompted us to restart the list. The Fibreculture  
initiative organized a one day seminar on the censorship plan at the  
University of Sydney on December 16, 2009. The Fibreculture Journal is  
thriving and there are plans to move into digital publishing.

For the time being there will not be a seperate announcement list but  
if traffic will be high, and the desire is there to seperate dialogue  
from announcements, this can easily be set up.

Wellcome back, Fibreculture list!

The Fibreculture Editorial Team (Everyone and No One)



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