::fibreculture:: REMINDER: Maurizio Lazzarato and Angela Melitopoulos - Only Public Talk in Sydney

Anna Munster a.munster at unsw.edu.au
Sun Jul 4 12:11:21 CEST 2010

‘the creative class doesn’t exist’

Maurizio Lazzarato and Angela Melitopoulos in dialogue on artists, precarity and collective experimentation (In Australia for one public event only)

ARTSPACE: This Tuesday July 6, 6pm. FREE EVENT

In this evening’s talk between the sociologist and philosopher Maurizzio Lazzarato and the artist Angela Melitopoulos, a space opens up for questioning the current place of artists and of ‘creativity’ within cognitive capitalism. They discuss the contradiction deep at the heart of creative industries and contemporary cognitive capitalism: the erasure of non-productive time, which is precisely the time required for creation to take place at all.  They debate the question, initiated by Marcel Duchamp, of how ‘an-artist’, rather than the Artist, might function to open up new ways of feeling, doing and saying and of experimenting with new institutions that might promote different forms of collective creation.

Maurizio Lazzarato is a sociologist and philosopher who lives and works in Paris. Among his recent publications are: Lavoro immateriale. Forme di vita e produzione di soggettivita (1997); Videofilosofia. Percezione e lavoro nel postfordismo (1997); Tute Bianche. Disoccupazione di massa et reddito di cittadinanza (1999); Post-face à Monadologie et sociologie (1999); Puissance de l’invention. La psychologie economique de Gabriel Tarde contre l’economie politique (2002); Les
Revolutions du capitalisme (2004).

Angela Melitopoulos, is an time-based artist, realizes video-essays, installations, documentaries and sound pieces and curates exhibitions and seminars. Her work focuses on duration and mnemonic micro-processes in documentation. Her work has been shown in many international video and film festivals, exhibitions and museums (Antonin Tapies Foundation Barcelona, Manifesta 7, Centre Georges Pompidou Paris, Whitney Museum New York). Currently she is a research fellow at
the Matrix East Lab in the University of East London. 

This event is jointly hosted by: The Centre for Cultural Research, University of Western Sydney, Artspace and the Centre for Contemporary
Art and Politics, University of New South Wales 

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