::fibreculture:: Incompatible Elements at Performance Space Carriageworks

Josephine Starrs josephine.starrs at sydney.edu.au
Sun Oct 17 00:52:58 CEST 2010

In Incompatible Elements, environments and ecologies that are hanging in the
balance; from the Ganges Delta to the Coorong in SA, are rendered as aerial
landscapes that sweep slowly by. Embedded in these scapes are texts that
emerge from the manipulation of pixels representing earth and water ­ and so
Starrs & Cmielewski engage in kind of digital geochemistry, terraforming new
waterways and barren patches of sand that tell stories in winding, cursive
Bec Dean, performance Space

video installation by
josephine starrs & leon cmielewski
sound by alex davies

6-8pm thursday 21st october 2010

performance space at carriageworks
245 wilson st. everleigh

Josephine Starrs
Senior Lecturer &
Chair of Film  & Digital Art
Sydney College of the Arts
University of Sydney
+612 9351 1035

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