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Hey people - thanx to everyone for coming to the birthday event on  
Monday. It was really heartwarming to see so many friends pop out of  
the wood work. We had some of my first work from the Vanuatu Pacifica  
Project up, I DJ'd all nite and had fun meeting some new faces. I  
really appreciate Dame Dash's crew for being generous enough to host!

Thanx, too, to all who've donated to the Vanuatu Pacifica Project so  
far! You're making real this idea of a cultural center that serves  
local and visiting artists with residencies and shares digital media  
and renewable energy technologies with people on Tanna so they can  
share their stories with the world. As of today you've gotten us to  
almost 40% of our goal of $10,000 on Kickstarter - 60% lies ahead of  
us but now I feel we'll get there. I'm gratified that many of you on  
the list support the goals of the project. That feels fantastic!

You're making this a really great birthday.

in peace
Paul aka DJ Spooky

A DJ, a Remote island, and a new digital media arts center:
The Vanuatu Pacifica Initiative and the Tanna Center for the Arts.


MORE ABOUT THE PROJECT:www.djspooky.com/vanuatu
DJ Spooky is a writer, an artist, and a digital media theoretician.  
He's starting a digital media and contemporary arts lab on a remote  
island in the South Pacific, and is setting up a kickstarter campaign  
to help defray the startup costs. In tandem with islandsfirst.org, a  
United Nations affiliated non-profit that focuses on the needs of  
South Pacific islands, Dj Spooky plans on setting up a situation where  
cultural exchange between artists from different geographies can take  
time to do residencies on the island and create projects with local  
artists and creatives in conjunction with an agenda that focuses on  
sustainable arts practices.

The Funds – Anything you contribute will cover the construction of an  
initial ‘outpost’ on-site, a feasibility assessment and design of the  
first phase solar electricity systems for one village and three new  
structures between now and May 2011, when our first invited artists  
will arrive.

In December, local leadership, DJ Spooky, Engineers Without Borders  
and the Vanuatu Pacifica Foundation have arranged for R. David Gibbs,  
a New York-based solar and energy engineer with remote-location  
experience, to undertake a feasibility study with local renewables  
engineers, village electricians and tech trainees. The first goal is  
to replace diesel generators with solar PV and thermal systems that  
can power villages and initiate the design of the Tanna Center for the  
Arts’ off-the-grid retreat, cultural preservation and eco-education  

You've probably noticed we're starting at $10,000 here on Kickstarter  
but with $20,000 we can complete the solar design phase, engage local  
craftspeople to build the initial structure(s) and create an ‘outpost’  
that allows us to invite collaborators from around the island and the  
world to begin realizing this vision. Everybody's help with a little  
or a lot is welcome, needed and much appreciated! .



Babylonia 5000 Mix
by DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid
You can download the mix from HERE

I made this mix with my iPhone app as a demo to show how you can beat  
match, sequence, and save mixes. All the sound effects come from  
customized sounds I sampled, edited, and created for the app.


Infinite Abstraktion
by DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid
You can download the mix from HERE

JG Ballard once said "history is a stage that needs to be swept  
clean." I agree. When I first heard Grand Master Flash's "Adventures  
on the Wheels of Steel" from 1981, I was blown away. Afrika Bambaata's  
"Death Mix" was cool, but Flash took things in a whole different  

DJ Spooky and Chuck D (Public Enemy)
Remix of By the Time I Get to Arizona


In the wake of Republican Governor Jan Brewer's appalling anti- 
immigrant law, me and Chuck D were rappin' and we decided to put  
together an update of his classic track By The Time I get To Arizona.  
Anyone who knows about hip hop from the early 90's remembers John  
McCain's unwillingness to endorse creating a local version of Martin  
Luther King's birthday. The update here is a 21st century look in the  
rear view mirror. The cliché that "those who don't learn from the past  
are doomed to repeat it" still holds sway in our hyper amnesiac  
culture. I remixed D.W. Griffith's infamous film Birth of a Nation  
with a bit of Public Enemy in mind, and later on, they named an e.p.  
with the same name as my project. Me and Chuck D have done several  
projects in the past around progressive, non knucklehead hip hop.

Please feel free to download this track and pass it around. We are the  
media. Feel free to pass it around!

By the way, this is a mashup, and it's basically not really for sale.  
I just took a riff from Philly Sound (www.funkadelphiarecords.com),  
and flipped it. The result, is what you hear here. It's free, and  
open. No $!!

in peace,
Paul aka DJ Spooky

www.djspooky.com  www.rebirthofanation.com   www.soundunbound.com   www.rhythmscience.com

9.08-10.02: North Pole
DJ Spooky journey to the North Pole at Arctic Ocean
DJ Spooky journey to the North Pole as part of the Cape Farewell  

9.11: New York, NY
Curator at Thompkins Sq. Park
DJ Spooky curates the Howl Festival dedicated to the anniversary of  
Allen Ginsburg's Howl.

10.2: Toronto, CA
Performance at Nuit Blanche
Performance of new Arctic material with Cape Farewell Canada. Green  
Roof, Nathan Phillips Square, City Hall, 100 Queen St. West

10.08-10.09: New York, NY
Vimeo Film Festival at SVA Theatre
DJ Spooky judges the Vimeo Music Awards. With David Lynch, Morgan  
Spurlock, Roman Coppola, Lucy Walker and others. Events will be held  
at IAC Headquarters and the SVA Theatre.

10.9-10.10: New York, NY
Performance at Guggenheim Museum
Performance of Coup de Foudre, based on Jean Cocteau's "Blood of A  
Poet" with dancer/choreographer Corey Baker and the Telos Ensemble

10.12: Austin, TX
Sound Unbound at University of Texas
"Sound Unbound" talk at University of Texas Digital Writing and  
Research Lab

10.20: Wroclaw, Poland
Rebirth of a Nation at American Film Festival
Rebirth of a Nation at American Film Festival

10.23: Seattle, WA
Performance at City Arts Festival
Performance with cellist Joshua Roman and other players. The Triple  
Door. Plus noon "Fireside Chat" with hosts Charles Mudede and Amy O

10.25: New York, NY
Benefit at TBA
Benefit for Vanuatu Foundation Details t.b.a.

10.30: Chicago, IL
Show at Riviera Theater
Club show with Bassnectar

10.31: Asheville, NC
Performance at Orange Peel
Moog Fest - at the Orange Peel

11.6: Amsterdam, NL
Concert at SMART Project Space
SMART Project Space. Concert with Ensemble Chameleon

11.13: Brooklyn, NY
Event at TBA
TEDx Brooklyn

11.16-11.17: Toronto, Canada
Rebirth of a Nation at Toronto Film Festival
Rebirth of a Nation with live re-scoring, Toronto Film Festival

11.28-11.29: Luxembourg
Performance at Rainy Days Festival
DJ Spooky performance at Rainy Days Festival

11.30: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Terra Nova at TBA
DJ Spooky performs Terra Nova

12.07: Providence, RI
Sound Unbound at University of Rhode Island
DJ Spooky performance of "Sound Unbound" at the University of Rhode  

DJ Spooky will be in production on a new film and book for most of the  
year until 2011


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Music and Art Management, Inc. 9 West Walnut Street, Suite 2D,  
Asheville, NC 28801

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