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Alexandra Reill alexandra.reill at kanonmedia.com
Thu Sep 23 13:45:35 CEST 2010

#WB: quoting Walter Benjamin, Paris, die Hauptstadt des XIX. Jahrhunderts
A new e-book and its premiere
in the form of an interactive, analog-digital reading
on the contemporary relevance of Walter Benjamin

Thursday, October 7, 2010, 8 PM

Jewish Theater of Austria
6, Kandlgasse, A 1070 Vienna

September 26, 2010, is the 70th anniversary of the death of the writer, philosopher, and seminal, media and cultural theorist Walter Benjamin. The e-book #WB: quoting Walter Benjamin, Paris, die Hauptstadt des XIX. Jahrhunderts (Paris, Capital of the Nineteenth Century), edited by Alexandra Reill and compiled by kanonmedia, commemorates the oeuvre, but also the tragic end of a pre-eminent, German-Jewish intellectual whose life, work, and creativity was cut short by the Nazis.

Walter Benjamin, Paris 1937
photographer unknown, archive: DHM Berlin

As in Benjamin's day, we live in an age of political and social upheaval, and an age in which technologies co-define the change that accompanies upheaval. How does the process differ today, or are we still, as Benjamin suggests, caught in the cycle of "the eternal recurrence of the same"?

Between August 2009 and February 2010, about 110 co-authors participated in the collective communication process on facebook. Their approaches to contemporary development prospects of democracy in a globalized, digitized and simultaneously rocked by economic crises world are presented in the ebook #WB: quoting Walter Benjamin, Paris, the capital of the XIX. Century and in the framework of the first, interactive and analog-digital reading - always in relation to the positions of Walter Benjamin: The audience and the moderators control the selection of the readings out of the ebook and - on another meta-level - contribute with their own own thoughts in a a mixture of reading, discussion, and media performance, thus reflecting together on the interweaving relationships and opportunities for development of democracy in the context of the rapid development of information technologies, economic crisis, globalization, Marxism, Capitalism and Corporate Social Responsibilities - always in an associative analysis of Walter Benjamin's reflections and a commemoration of his life and work.

Opening Words
Madeleine Reiser, Deputy District Director
Warren Rosenzweig, Jewish Theater Austria

Alexandra Reill, editor

Analog-active Moderators
Agnes Peschta, cultural worker
Alexandra Reill, conceptual artist/film maker
Joe Remick, journalist, radio presenter
Warren Rosenzweig, author/director/producer 
Klaus Tauber, artist

Media-active Moderators
Starsky, visualist
Charlotte Zott aka Sari, cultural worker

Docu-active Moderators
Karin Gruber, media pedagogue
Lisa Sperber, photographer

Concept/Interactive Setting
Alexandra Reill

Ebook Production
kanonmedia, Alexandra Reill (ed.)
>From October 7, 2010 the ebook will be available on Lulu.

Event Production
kanonmedia in Kooperation mit dem Jüdischen Theater Austria

We thank all co-authors, team members and the support of the Cultural Commission 1070 Vienna and the Department of Science and Research in the Department of Culture of the City of Vienna.

Jewish Theater of Austria
6, Kandlgasse
A 1070 Vienna
TEL +4313199619
FAX +4313190817
MAIL thewindow at jta.at

Press Contact
ngo for new media
Alexandra Reill
Richtergasse 12
1070 Wien
TEL +4369918207003
MAIL alexandra.reill at kanonmedia.com

Visit http://www.kanonmedia.com/portfolio/publications/benjamin_paris.html for the download of high resolution press photo

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