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I think they mean "Work decision means the 1% march bravely on in search of
profits for self-serving corporation, Qantas"

Wow- spamming everyone ... they must be desperate. Can we kick them off the
list however?

We've never permit spammers of any kind, and this is certainly off-topic.

all the best, Andrew

On 2 November 2011 16:21, Qantas Frequent Flyer <
qantasff at qantasff.qantas.net.au> wrote:

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> Qantas Frequent Flyer
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> Hello
> Now that Qantas has resumed normal operations I would like to
> update you on what the recent decision by Fair Work Australia
> means for you.
> I apologise sincerely for any inconvenience that you or your
> family experienced during the grounding of the Qantas fleet
> between Saturday evening and Monday afternoon.
> The decision to lock out some of our employees was an immensely
> difficult one and one that I did not want to have to make. But
> it was a decision that we were driven to by the industrial
> action of three unions, together representing less than 20
> percent of Qantas employees.
> As of last Friday, industrial action by those unions had forced
> the cancellation of hundreds of flights, disrupted 70,000
> passengers and cost Qantas $68 million. Two union leaders had
> warned that industrial action could continue into next year.
> This would have had a devastating effect on our customers, on
> all Qantas employees and on the businesses which depend on
> Qantas services.
> On Saturday, I came to the conclusion that this crisis had to
> end. I made the decision to proceed with a lock-out, the only
> form of protected industrial action available to Qantas under
> the Fair Work Act, so that agreement could be reached quickly.
> Unfortunately, it was necessary as a precautionary measure to
> ground the fleet immediately after the announcement that
> a lock-out would take place. While I deeply regret the
> short-term impact of the fleet being grounded, following the
> Fair Work Australia decision we now have absolute certainty
> for our customers. No further industrial action can take place.
> No more aircraft will be grounded and no services cancelled as
> a result of industrial action.
> You can now book Qantas flights with complete confidence. This
> is an immeasurably better situation than last Friday, when
> Qantas faced the prospect of ongoing disruptions, perhaps for
> another 12 months.
> We have now moved into 21 days of negotiations with each of
> the unions with the assistance of Fair Work Australia. All
> parties will be treated equally in order to reach reasonable
> agreements. If this cannot happen, binding arbitration will take
> place to secure an outcome. We will respect whatever decisions
> are reached.
> Regardless of how and when the agreements are reached, the
> period of uncertainty and instability for Qantas is over. We
> are moving forward and putting this dispute behind us.
> Our focus now is on our customers. We want to restore your faith
> by returning our on-time performance to its normal high levels,
> continuing to invest in new aircraft and lounges and ensuring
> the best possible in-flight experience.
> The end of industrial action means we can concentrate on what
> matters - getting you to your destination on time and in comfort,
> offering the best network and frequency of any Australian airline
> and rewarding your loyalty as a Qantas Frequent Flyer.
> Thank you for your patience and for your continued support
> of Qantas.
> Alan Joyce
> CEO Qantas Airways
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