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> Subject: CCCS Symposium: Whats left to say about Celebrity? Tuesday  
> 29th November 11am-4.30pm
> What’s Left to Say About Celebrity?
> A symposium presented by the Centre for Critical and Cultural  
> Studies, University of Queensland
> Tuesday, November 29, 2011
> 11am- 4.30pm
> Social Sciences and Humanities Library Conference Room,
> Level 1 Duhig Building  (Bldg 2), St Lucia Campus [See Map]
> The study of celebrity has become one of the standard teaching areas  
> for media and cultural studies. Where once it might have been seen  
> as an interesting but ephemeral formation, celebrity and the  
> industries which produce it are now recognised as playing a  
> fundamental role in the economies and structures of the contemporary  
> media, as well as supplying an increasing proportion of the  
> content.  Over the last decade as celebrity studies has grown, a  
> great deal of the theoretical ground clearing has been done:  
> teaching programs are established, there is a well supported journal  
> in the field, and celebrity is now a lively field of debate within  
> media and cultural studies.
> Much of the hard work has been done, then, to establish that  
> celebrity demands attention. That said, it is clear that celebrity  
> studies needs to be more than just an anthology of accounts of this  
> or that celebrity, or analyses of those regularly occurring  
> celebrity moments where our interests overlap with those of the  
> mainstream media.  The presentations in this symposium all, in their  
> own way, address the question of what more can we do with the notion  
> of celebrity? The symposium brings together a stellar cast of  
> leading international figures in celebrity studies, together with  
> one of the leading younger scholars making her mark in this field,  
> in order to present their latest work. In papers that indicate the  
> diversity and depth of this field, they each convincingly show that  
> there is indeed much left to be said about celebrity.
> Speakers:
> Chris Rojek
> Graeme Turner
> Frances Bonner
> Anthea Taylor
> P. David Marshall
> Sean Redmond
> The event is free, and postgraduate students and early career  
> researchers are especially welcome.  In order for us to cater  
> adequately for the event, we need to know the number of participants  
> expecting to attend; consequently, we would like those planning to  
> come to RSVP to Anthea Taylor at the CCCS. (a.taylor8 at uq.edu.au).  
> Program with abstracts will be available on the CCCS website  (www.cccs.uq.edu.au 
> ) shortly.

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