::fibreculture:: Re. Announcing publication: 'Virtuality and the Art of Exhibition'

Vince Dziekan vince.dziekan at monash.edu
Tue Feb 21 06:36:40 CET 2012

Dear Fibreculture friends and colleagues

(Apologies for any cross-posting)

Just taking the opportunity to announce the publication of my first
book, *Virtuality
and the Art of Exhibition: Curatorial Design for the Multimedial Museum*.
The book examines how digital technologies are playing an increasingly
important role in guiding the curatorial strategies of contemporary art
museums. Designed around contextual studies of virtuality and the art of
exhibition, this interdisciplinary volume applies practice-based research
to a broad range of topics, including digital mediation, spatial practice,
the multimedial museum, and curatorial design.

Please feel free to distribute through your peer and professional networks.
For more information, I can be contacted directly
[vince.dziekan at monash.edu<vince.dziekan at monash.edu?subject=Re.%20Announcing%20'Virtuality%20and%20the%20Art%20of%20Exhibition'>]
or, alternatively, enquiries can be made through Alice Gillam (Marketing
Assistant) at Intellect
[alice at intellectbooks.com<https://mail.google.com/mail/h/1j2o0drzav6i9/?&v=b&cs=wh&to=alice@intellectbooks.com>



Full title: Virtuality and the Art of Exhibition: Curatorial Design for the

Multimedial Museum

Auhor: Vince Dziekan

ISBN: 9781841504766

Published by: Intellect | Publication: January 2012

Price: £24.95/ $40

Binding: Paperback| Dimensions: 230x174

Territory: World | Readership: Specific



Dr Vince Dziekan

Faculty of Art Design & Architecture
Monash University
Melbourne, Australia

Research associations:

FACT, Liverpool
Leonardo Electronic Almanac
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

e: vince.dziekan at artdes.monash.edu.au
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