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Global Media Journal Australian Edition together with the Australian and New Zealand Communications Association present The Arab Spring: A Symposium on Social Media and the Politics of Reportage 

**A reminder that the deadline for papers for "The Arab Spring: A Symposium on Social Media and the Politics of Reportage" is COB April 1st, 2012**
**Researchers utilising global examples which cover the different uses of social media and the interaction between ‘traditional’ and ‘alternative’ media practitioners during the protests
are also encouraged to apply**

The Arab Spring: A Symposium on Social Media and the Politics of Reportage" 
Friday June 8, 2012 
Advanced Technologies Centre, Swinburne University 
Melbourne Australia 

Special issues editors Diana Bossio and Saba Bebawi

With special keynote addresses from Dr Adel Iskandar and Professor Alan Knight

This symposium proposes to both theoretically and empirically consider the social, political and cultural ramifications of interactions between 'mainstream' and 'alternative' reportage practices and their meaning in a digital media age, seeking to derive conceptualisations of social media and the politics of reportage.  
Proposals for presentations are now invited to be submitted for inclusion in the one-day symposium program.  Interested participants should email a 200-word abstract for a 20-minute presentation during the seminar. 

We are seeking abstracts from authors that present new analyses of the changes and tensions that have occurred in the relations between the different forms of reportage, especially with the rise in popularity of social media platforms in times of crisis. Specifically we are interested in papers that critically examine the supposed dichotomy between what is perceived as the authenticity, authority and credibility of traditional journalism and the efficiencies and audience-driven content of alternative media practice.  

Research that explores the following themes would be welcomed: 
	* The different uses of social media during the Arab Spring protests
	* The interaction between ‘traditional’ and ‘alternative’ media practitioners during the protests
	* Specific ethical issues in reportage that arose during the interaction between mainstream and alternative media practitioners during the protests
	* How has mainstream media practice positioned itself within a discourse that has suggested the Arab Spring protests as a ‘social media revolution’?
	* How can the Arab Spring protests be used a point of reference or case study to discuss this interaction between ‘traditional’ and ‘alternative’ media platforms?
	* How has the political and policy landscape transformed nationally and internationally in the past decade? 
Participants will be invited to submit a paper for publication in the Issue 3, 2012 of the Global Media Journal Australian Edition.
Please email abstracts as word document attachments to Seminar organisers: Diana Bossio dbossio at swin.edu.au or Saba Bebawi sbebawi at swin.edu.au   Abstract deadline:  COB April 1, 2012 

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Dr Saba ElGhul-Bebawi
Lecturer Journalism
Swinburne University of Technology
Melbourne, Australia
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