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Memefest Festival Theme: DEBT. Deadline May 30th
Memefest Festival of Socially responsive Communication and Art 2012


Kevin Lo, Oliver Vodeb

memefest at memefest.org
Patricia Laboca
Phone: 0038640432775

Slovenska 55b
1000 Ljubljana

Memefest Festival of Socially responsive Communication and Art 2012  
Theme is DEBT!

Deadline for submissions is May 30th!

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Memefest Festival of Socially responsive Communication and Art 2012

Memefest, an international organization dedicated to promoting new,  
productive and relevant forms of cultural activism, together with the  
Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Brisbane, this year  
introduces the Memefest/Griffith-QCA award for 'Imaginative Critical  

This award invites cultural activists, creatives and thinkers from the  
productive margins of professions, radical theorists, imaginative  
intellectuals and anyone who is uncomfortable with the status quo and  
dreams of alternative futures that are more satisfying, just, and  
sustainable, to submit projects for peer feedback, broader  
dissemination, and a chance to work collaboratively with other  
imaginative activists, artists, researchers and intellectuals.

Memefest FESTIVAL 2012 theme: DEBT (debt, la dette, χρέος, dolg,  
задолженность, долг, debito, дълг, ŝuldo, חוב,  
schuld, deuda, borc …)

You can't evict an idea whose time has come!

These words express the nature of the current global movement against  
the rule of money over life. They belong to the people, the 99%, who  
are bringing the fundamental urgent issues to the streets, into the  
media, into the realm of public consciousness, into the schools,  
universities, jobs, homes and intimate discussions and relationships.

These words also express something else. They speak about a state of  
mind, a focus and a concise articulation of the problem. The idea  
whose time has come is mainly about three things. First: interventions  
that create a rupture in the order of things with the goal to redefine  
our fields of experience and the relationship between being, doing and  
saying. Second: dialogue. Third: creating new emancipatory social  

If communication and art are to play a relevant role in shaping a  
future worth having, we need to further redirect, reinvent and  
reimagine our own understanding and the way we think, theorise and  
practice them both. Debt is not only an opportunity to do so, but also  
an urgent responsibility.

The Friendly Competition

Participants are invited to submit works three categories: critical  
writing, visual communication practice and the participatory art/ 
communication category Beyond...

This year's theme for Visual communication practice and Critical  
writing is: DEBT. Participants will respond with their work to three  
carefully chosen texts:

I.	First written text is taken from the book Debt, the first 5000  
years by American social anthropologist David Greaber in which he  
explains the function of debt in human history, showing that the  
current situation is not as natural at all as it seems to be.

II.	Second visual text is taken from the documentary Debtocracy by  
Katerina Kitidi and Aris Hatzistefanou, who together with economist  
Samir Amin, philosopher Alain Badiou, sociologist and geographer David  
Harvey and other guests research the reasons for the crisis in Greece,  
while also showing how Latino American Ecuador stood up to the IMF and  
refused to acknowledge legitimacy to their enforced slavery.

III.	Third is the song No Banker Left Behind by American slide guitar  
virtuoso, taken from his politically engaged and critically acclaimed  
album Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down (2011).

Category Beyond…:

While a lot of subversive writing, communication and art has emerged  
which challenges the status quo using its own conventions, very few of  
these initiatives have employed a mode of communication that is not  
rooted in commercial culture itself.

The 'Beyond…' category hopes to bring out new visual and conceptual  
forms of communication and art which catalyse social change while  
engaging people as something more than mere consumers.

This category draws on the traditions of independent artistic practice  
in that the entries will have no brief other than to identity and  
radically address important issues on a deeply felt personal level.  
However, we expect that, unlike most 'museum' art, it will generate  
genuine participatory relations with its audience and be able to work  
outside institutional sites and conventions. Participatory art and  
communication is the core principle of what we are looking for at  

More about Beyond… here:


The international editorial and curatorial board will select the most  
convincing works. Among strong traditional awards, which you can see  
on www.memefest.org, two new awards are introduced this year.

1) The first Griffith-QCA/ Memefest Award for Critical Imaginative  
Critical Intervention.
Best authors of all three categories (critical writing, visual  
communication practice and Beyond…) will be invited to Brisbane to  
take part in a special extradisciplinary workshop resulting in a  
public intervention in the city of Brisbane.

2) Authors of best works in the category: critical writing will be  
invited to publish their work in the academic peer reviewed journal  
Zoontechnica zoontechnica.com.

Deadline for your submissions is May 30th.

Participation is free of charge and there is no age limit or any other  
restriction. Your work can be submitted online.

See more about our Awards here:

More information on the whole Friendly competition:

More information on the Festival of Socially responsive communication  
and Art:

Contact Patricia Laboca: memefest at memefest.org

info at e-artnow.org

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