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Anna Munster a.munster at unsw.edu.au
Fri Sep 21 04:58:55 CEST 2012

The Fibreculture Journal announces the launch of a new yet conjoined publication platform: FCJ-Mesh:


In the age of ubiquitous content curation becomes increasingly important. With that in mind we’d like to offer ‘Mesh’ as space for reblogging relevant academic material and publishing new material that builds and explores connections (links) between journals, events, blogs and so on; which collates and engages with perspectives from across our extended networks whatever form they may take.

With all that in mind we invite submissions of 1500 words or less that engage with, mobilise, or explore connections between contemporary cultural, philosophical and media theory and its implications and applications. We encourage (active) links between open access journals, blogs, and other sites (on- or off-line) of research creation. We are particularly interested in work that engages, mobilises, or otherwise connects with the issues and research published in the Fibreculture Journal. We also welcome accounts and reviews of relevant events or works in the wide variety of fields and forms relevant to the the Journal and the community of which it is part (Critical and transdisciplinary theory, media and art theory and practice, theories of technology, cultural theory, media & politics, network culture etc.)

FCJ-Mesh will be tightly curated and edited for quality of scholarship, writing and interest. Submissions will not be peer reviewed and works published will be identified as FCJ-Mesh Publications accordingly. We welcome unsolicited work but reserve the right to refuse publication for any reason. We hope to publish or re-publish submissions promptly and continuously without the delays associated with Journal publication.

A/Prof. Anna Munster
Deputy Director Centre for Contemporary Art and Politics
College of Fine Arts
P.O. Box 259
NSW 2021
612 9385 0741 (tel)
612 9385 0615(fax)
a.munster at unsw.edu.au

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