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Hi All,

Interested people are invited to a workshop on Digital Publishing and Open
Access Publishing. The workshop features some of the leading people
involved in contemporary scholarly communication during the past decade.
These include Fibreculture founder, Geert Lovink, who will be in Australia.

The workshop will take place from 10am-4pm, on Wednesday, December 18,
2013, in room 327 of the Robert Webster Building, University of New South
Wales, 2052. The Robert Webster building is in the middle of the campus,
near the top of the boulevard that runs up from Anzac Parade.

Speakers will discuss both practical issues and ideas. There will plenty of
time for questions and discussion. Indeed the final session of the day will
invite speculations about future possibilities for
academic/para-academic/non-academic scholarly communication.

The workshop is organised by Sigi Jöttkandt and Andrew Murphie from the
School of the Arts and Media at UNSW.

Attendance is free (although we're afraid there will be no catering). It's
entirely likely we might move to a local establishment for drinks

If you wish to attend can you please make sure you let Andrew Murphie know
by December 10, at <a.murphie at unsw.edu.au>.


10: Introduction: Andrew Murphie (the Fibreculture Journal)

10:15: Sigi Jöttkandt and David Ottina of Open Humanities Press (

11:15: break

11:30: Geert Lovink of the Institute of Network Cultures/Theory on Demand (

12:30: break

1:30: Chris Caines of MediaObject (http://mediaobject.net/)

2: Mat Wall-Smith of the Fibreculture Journal on new ways of thinking about
data and archives (http://fibreculturejournal.org/)

3: break

3:15-4: Speculations/discussion.

This seems something of a "threshold moment" for both digital publishing in
general and for scholarly digital publishing and open access. Things are
really taking off. Yet also, as they say, "it's complicated".

We hope to see you there.

All the best, Andrew Murphie and Sigi Jöttkandt


"A traveller, who has lost his way, should not ask, Where am I? What he
really wants to know is, Where are the other places" - Alfred North

Andrew Murphie - Associate Professor
School of the Arts and Media,
University of New South Wales,
Sydney, Australia, 2052

Editor - The Fibreculture Journal http://fibreculturejournal.org/>
web: http://www.andrewmurphie.org/ <http://dynamicmedianetwork.org/>

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room 311H, Robert Webster Building
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