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2013 Australian Internet Ambassadors Announced


By Tom Valcanis, 10 July 2013

The Australian Internet Governance Forum (auIGF) is proud to announce a 
select group of “ambassadors” who will help lead discussions at its 2013 
event in Melbourne, on 16 & 17 October.

The auIGF, an initiative of the .au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA), is 
Australia’s premier annual forum for independent thought leadership on 
Internet-based policy and practice issues. 

In a world of increasing complexity regarding the quest for openness vs 
privacy, and between individual rights vs national security, the auIGF is 
apolitical and open.

It brings together government, industry and community members to discuss 
policy concerns, exchange ideas and best practices, and help shape the 
future of the Internet in Australia. 

The themes discussed at the auIGF inform domestic and international 
Internet and digital policy and ensure that Australia maintains its voice 
in a global debate that is just beginning to be felt by all stakeholders.

2012 auIGF was opened by Sen the Hon Kate Lundy and Senator Scott Ludlam 
and drew support from a wide range of stakeholders including Google, 
Facebook, the Internet Industry Association (IIA), ISOC-AU, ACCAN and 

The 2013 auIGF will be held as a pre-cursor to the global IGF in Bali, 
Indonesia on 21-25 October. 

In addition to facilitating discussions at the auIGF, ambassadors will 
represent the Australian Internet community at this important international 

The six 2013 auIGF ambassadors are:

Jeremy Blackman – Alannah and Madeline Foundation
“Children online – protecting vs empowering”

Angela Daly – Institute of Social Research, Swinburne University of 
“Digital Intellectual Property in Australia”

Peter Walton – CEO, Infoxchange
“Digital Equality: Narrowing the Participation Gap”

John Selby – Lecturer, Macquarie University
“Does the Internet Need a Delete Button? Should Australia Implement a Right 
to be Forgotten into its Privacy Laws?”

Gunela Astbrink – Internet Society of Australia
“Implementing DisabilityCare Australia: the importance of providing safe, 
innovative and accessible services”

Miguel Wood – DataDragon
“Accelerating the growth of the Australian tech startup ecosystem”

Registrations for the 2013 auIGF will open in August.


Cheers people
Stephen Loosley

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