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Dear list members,

I want to draw your attention to this event:


Due to a last minute cancellation, one seat became available,  
interested parties should contact me directly at

andreas.stuhlmann at uni-hamburg.de
remediation at uni-hamburg.de

Below please find a detailed description & program.

Thank you and apologies for cross-posting,

Summer School 2013

Hamburg/Germany, July 29 – August 2, 2013

  This year’s Summer School offered by the Research Center of Media  
and Communication at the University of Hamburg is picking up upon a  
crucial issue for current media development – a topic relevant to  
academia, media practice and media policy: in the age of digitisation,  
the landscape of media and communications is being increasingly  
influenced by phenomena that can be viewed as reappropriations of  
previously published media communications. This Summer School will  
pursue central questions about the kinds of reappropriated media  
communications that are being developed and the relationship between  
‘old’ and ‘new’ shaping them. This repurposing will be analysed from  
four different perspectives: repurposing as recombination, as  
reactualisation, as piracy and as plagiarism.


We invite PhD students from a wide range of disciplines, including  
Media and Communication Studies, Sociology, Literature, Linguistics,  
Economics and Law.

Depending on the number of participants, advanced master’s students  
will also be welcome.


9.30 am | Welcome & Registration

10.15 am | Introduction
Repeat, Remix, Remediate: Terms and Concepts
Uwe Hasebrink, Andreas Stuhlmann & other members of the RCMC

12.30 pm | Lunch

1.30 pm | Workshop
Social Media: Intro
Marie Helena Harder, Graduate School for Media and Communication (GMaC)

2.30 pm | Keynote
Media and Memory in a Digital Age: Some Questions for Researchers
Joanne Garde-Hansen, University of Warwick (UK)

4 pm | Workshop
Open Space I

7 pm | Dinner

8 pm | Film Screening
Mocracy: Neverland in Me
(Christian von Borries, D 2011, 88 Min.)
Schanzenstern & 3001 Cinema


9 am | Keynote
Permanent Reiteration: User Generated Content as RePin, ReTweet,  
ReShare, ReWhatever
Mirko Tobias Schaefer, Universiteit Utrecht (NL)

11 am | Workshop
Technology as a Political Subject
Christian von Borries, Conductor, Composer, Producer & Director,  
Berlin (Germany)

12.30 pm | Workshop
Social Media
Marie Helena Harder, GMaC

1.30 pm | Lunch

3 pm | Workshop
Open Space II

4.45 pm | Workshop
The Dark Side of Repeat, Remix, Remediate
Michel Clement, RCMC & Christian Sommer, Motion Picture Association of  
America, Berlin (Germany)

Evening | Hamburg & Harbour


9 am | Lectures
Guilty until Proven Innocent: Pirates, Pornographers, Terrorists and  
the IT Act in India
Nishant Shah, Centre for Internet and Society, Karnataka/Bangalore (India)
The King Is Dead, Long Live the King: The Ambiguous Role of Copyright  
in a Digital Society
Wolfgang Schulz, University of Hamburg/Hans Bredow Institute

12 am | Workshop(Lunch included)
Remediating Hip-hop Culture
Marissa Munderloh, University of St Andrews (Scotland)
Remixing: A Practical Approach
David Hanke, Renegades of Jazz, Producer & Resident DJ Mojo Club Hamburg

2.45 pm | Excursion
Content Center ARD News
Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR)


9 am | Keynote
Play it again... Novelty versus Familiarity as Predictors of Enjoyment  
and Interest
Allison Eden, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (NL)

11 am | Workshop
Social Media
Marie Helena Harder, Graduate School for Media and Communication (GMaC)

12.30 pm | Workshop
Practical Work

1 pm | Lunch

3 pm | Workshop
Open Space III

4.30 pm | Roundtable Discussion
Remediation Unchained
Joan K. Bleicher, Kathrin Fahlenbrach & Andreas Stuhlmann, Institut  
fuer Medien und Kommunikation, University of Hamburg/RCMC

8 pm | Reading
An Adventure in Sonic Fiction
The English Voice of Thomas Meinecke
Thomas Meinecke, Writer, Musician & DJ, Berg/Eurasburg (Germany)


10.30 am | Workshop
Workshop Social Media: Presentation
Marie Helena Harder, GMaC

12.30 pm | Workshop
I as Text: Remixing in Literature and Music
Thomas Meinecke

2 pm | Lunch

3 pm | Workshop
Coming to Terms...
Conclusion, Final Debate & Examinations
Uwe Hasebrink & Andreas Stuhlmann,

4.45 pm | Farewell & Departure

PD Dr. Andreas Stuhlmann
Universität Hamburg
Research Center Media and Communication (RCMC)
Graduate School Media and Communication (GMaC)
Mittelweg 177
20148 Hamburg

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