::fibreculture:: Journal of Peer Production #8, “Feminism and (Un)Hacking”

Mathieu ONeil mathieu.oneil at anu.edu.au
Wed Apr 27 23:36:27 CEST 2016

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We are delighted to announce the publication of the Journal of Peer Production #8, “Feminism and (Un)Hacking”

The issue is available here: http://peerproduction.net/issues/issue-8-feminism-and-unhacking/

>From the Introduction, "Feminist Hacking/Making: Exploring New Gender Horizons of Possibility" by SSL Nagbot (a.k.a Lilly Nguyen, Sophie Toupin, and Shaowen Bardzell)

In this special issue, we see that the extant forms of feminist research and practice critique gendered forms of marginalization in hacking and making in several ways. First, many feminist hackers and makers seek to redress the lack of gender diversity within these techno-communities through the designs of women, queer, and trans-friendly spaces for hacking and making or addressing women-centered concerns such as improving breast-pumps for nursing. Second, we also see that hacking and making comprise both a method and a framework to introduce new kinds of expertise, such as craft and care, into conversations of information technology. These configurations of hacking and making as a method and framework depart from the strict focus on technology associated with the masculinity of hacking. Instead, we find that the feminist inquiry and interventions within the essays in this special issue alter the very notions of hacking and making and thus introduce alternate values of inclusion and intimacy.


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