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Dear Fibreculturalists,

We are pleased to announce FCJ 28—Creative Robotics. Edited by Petra
Gemeinboeck. Elena Knox, Jill Bennett and Andrew Murphie.

This really is one of our best issues ever.

Many thanks to the Editors for what has been a great deal of work for an
amazing issue.

Many thanks as always to Mat Wall-Smith for getting it all online (and
keeping it there—despite hackers and so forth).



FCJ-203 Introduction
Petra Gemeinboeck

FCJ-204 Degrees of Freedom
Elena Knox

FCJ-205 Life and Labour of Rovers on Mars: Toward Post-Terrestrial Futures
of Creative Robotics
Katarina Damjanov

FCJ-206 From Braitenberg’s Vehicles to Jansen’s Beach Animals: Towards an
Ecological Approach to the Design of Non-Organic Intelligence
Maaike Bleeker

FCJ-207 Game On: A Creative Enquiry into Agency and the Nature of Cognition
in Distributed Systems
Michaela Davies

FCJ-208 This Machine Could Bite: On the Role of Non-Benign Art Robots
Paul Granjon

FCJ-209 Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Pattern Thinking: An Expanded
Analysis of the First Indigenous Robotics Prototype Workshop
Angie Abdilla and Robert Fitch

FCJ-210 Falling Robots.
Lian Loke

FCJ-211 Embodying a Future for the Future: Creative Robotics and
Ecosophical Praxis
Keith Armstrong

Andrew Murphie on behalf of the Fibreculture Journal Editorial Team


"A traveller, who has lost his way, should not ask, Where am I? What he
really wants to know is, Where are the other places" - Alfred North

"Suppose you had the revolution you are talking and dreaming about. Suppose
your side had won, and you had the kind of society that you wanted. How
would you live, you personally, in that society? Start living that way
now!" *Hope in the Dark*, Rebecca Solnit

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