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Occupy the Kitchen! vol.2 | 2018/2019
Zona Franca | Varese | Italy

F O O D    P E R F O R M A N C Y

    SUBJECT         call for Performance + Residency
    WHEN              season 2018/2019 (from September 2018 until June 2019)
    WHERE            Zona Franca, Varese - Italy
    WHO                 artists, artivists, activists, designers,
gastronomes, creators
    DEADLINE       June 30, 2018




Foodpower - Zona Franca - Occupy the kitchen!
2007 - 2014 - 2016.
Three projects, one seed, a unique collective journey.
Just like a Matryoshka stacking doll, one figure is within and is
spurred from the previous, in an almost biological relationship. The
great mother, Foodpower, contains a second doll, Zona Franca, which –
in turn – contains Occupy the kitchen!


It all began in Varese, in 2007, in the North West of Italy, in the
land between Milan and Switzerland, at a stone's throw from the Canton
of Ticino. A strategic border area, renowned for contraband.
Foodpower – and as a consequence, the two other most recent projects –
digs its roots into thriving research which began in December 2007,
observing the changes in current society and its relationship with food.
As a prime element of contemporary society, today, food has a
privileged role which was once dominated by fashion, and which is
strictly bound to the body. Food has taken on a strong centrality
within the contemporary psyche, involving the most intimate sphere of
our body, passing through it, becoming a visceral part of us, every day.


 From this premise and these experimentations, Zona Franca was created
in 2014, a transdisciplinary project that explores a wide variety of
research forms between art and economics. It's both a restaurant, a
gourmet take-away, during the day, and also a performance space in the
It's a hybrid space, which is in continuous transformation, where
ancient seeds are the metaphor of a project and are the essence of the
philosophy that keeps it alive. Various rare varieties that aren't
included in the European register of regulated seeds are used. Once
these are transformed, however, they become legal food.
Therefore, ancient seeds circulate in an interstice which is not fully
regulated, which takes advantage of the shadows and folds of the
market. They lie in between legality and transgression, just like a
dark pool.


The reflection at the heart of the project takes us to the necessary
understanding of ethical choices, either conscious or unconscious,
that are subtended each day by our act of nourishment. We believe that
art cannot deal with these dynamics, not just because of the
increasingly intrinsic relationship between art and economics, but
also because they are strictly pertinent to the conditions of human
In this critical knot, in 2016, the Occupy the kitchen! project was developed.
OTK! is a food artivism project where contemporary practices that are
connected to art and economics are explored through food. This
activity – of research and production – is carried out through a
transdisciplinary approach and an activist attitude.
What interests us is examining the exchanges, cross references and the
osmotic ad/or conflictual relationships between the global economy and
contemporary art, using food as an expressive medium and investigative

Occupy the kitchen! performs the status quo, highlighting its
incongruences, its black holes, the tangible consequences (primarily
in health, society and the environment) with actions that are intended
to generate individual critical thinking concerning the Food system
which we are immersed in, in the prospect of a greater awareness and,
consequently, a collective action concerning food sovereignty.

Occupy the kitchen! is therefore an area of experimentation and
activism. It wants to be a place where reflection can become action
and wishes to examine and expand post-modern consumer awareness
through art and food. The purpose of this project is to reawaken and
energize minds and mouths.

Occupy the kitchen! pays homage to 'Occupy Management!', the book by
Monika Kostera, a Management lecturer for various European
universities (in Poland, the UK and Sweden) and historical
collaborator of Zygmunt Bauman. In the book, the author invites
students to self-produce and also to self-manage their own lives.


The convocation is targeted at professionals who – firstly – feel
committed to the philosophy and vision of Occupy the kitchen! project,
who wish to do a residency of 3 days to realize a performance at Zona
Franca art space during the 2018/2019 season (September 2018 – June

The dinner-performances at Zona Franca are performed by creators that
have chosen food as a research focus, interested in examining it
through live artistic performances. The creators are present, creating
dishes (a tailor-made menu for each evening and performance is
created), directly manipulating matter, then distributing the dishes
to the clientele-public and telling a story about peculiar hot issues
of the Food system through food.

The transversal principle of Occupy the kitchen! performances and
cultural events is the intention to trigger critical thinking and
discussion around acts associated with food, consumer choices,
awareness of the system of large retailers, and all of the area of
actions and values that we associate with food and activate around it.
With the intention of reflecting upon concepts of globalization and
capitalism that are closely connected to the phenomenon of compulsive
consumerism, the second live season of food performances at Zona
Franca will be inaugurated.


The call is addressed to artists, artivists, activists, designers,
gastronomes and creators, with the following characteristics:

Those who have conducted, or who are conducting, or would like to
conduct research – or create a performance – reflecting oncontemporary  
issues concerning food, the relationship between man and
food, and the relationship between humans analyzed through food.
In particular, professionals who examine consumer practices within the
global Food market through art, economies, social-anthropological
relationships that are created around food and through food, the
effects of contemporary social discomfort, the issues of food
sovereignty and eating disorders.
Any creator that wants to think about and make people think about the
semiotics, proxemics, and social, anthropological – but also and above
all – economical aspects that create, pass through, define and bind
food to contemporary society.

It is our intention to collaborate with professionals whose approach
is both active and activist, progressive, drawn towards highlighting
those fertile folds in the economy of the food market, its industrial
production, targeted consumerism, and the social and environmental
pitfalls of these systems acting both on a global and local scale.

The selected creators will be called to a hands-on approach, getting
their hands dirty in the kitchen and dealing with the
public/clientele. The direct involvement of the creators is a
fundamental prerequisite to the 'Occupy the kitchen!' project.


Only those performance proposals that respect all three of the
previous prerequisites will be taken into consideration.
Works that are merely a physical manipulation of food and have no
(generative) critical approach to food both in social and economical
terms will not be taken into consideration.

Administrative fee: € 30
The fee is to be considered an administrative fee for the curator
selection and management of the project proposals, as well as for the
PR work to communicate and promote the program and present the
selected creators to news networks.

         Terms for payment of the participation fee:
                 bank transfer payable to:
                 Evelyn Leveghi [head juror]
                 purpose: 'CALL O.T.K. 2018/2019'
                 Amount: € 30,00
                 IBAN: IT 18 U 08304 01816 000019329550
                 BIC/SWIFT: CCRTIT2T76A


The Management will guarantee the following benefits to selected creators:

food and primary essentials for three days' residency.

a private room in a domestic structure, located in 'Campo dei fiori'
Regional Park, in Varese.

a monetary contribution of €100 will be given to contribute to  
anytransportation or any other cost of the artist in order to be present
on site and create the best possible performance.
Note: Shopping and purchasing of materials for the performance will be
defined with management group.


We recommend that the selected creators foresee the sale of a
product/object of their own creation connected to the work of the
performance, in order to be able to sell a memory of the experience of
the performance itself with a symbolic meaning to the public/clients
as a democratic and accessible piece of art.


The participation in the program is to be considered valid only after
an evaluation of the following criteria by a judge panel:

The candidates should create a brief presentation video (max. 5 min)
where the they present themselves and express:
. the artist statement
. the motivation behind the willingness to participate in Occupy the kitchen!
. the performance concept.

The candidates should show previous work which they feel is relevant
to their selection to participate in the project. These can be in one
of the following formats: book in .pdf / digital portfolio / portfolio
website / link to platforms where the artist's work is presented.

To have a complete vision of the most important information about the
artist and their project proposal, the following online form should be

This material can be presented either in English or Italian.

The presentation video can be shared online (Google Drive, Youtube,
Vimeo) via links or by sending it in .mp4 format via wetransfer
to evelyn at zonafranca.biz.
The same methods are valid for the portfolio presentation.
The online form should be completed directly on the website at this
link: http://bit.ly/2oOkX47.


/ Selected creators

10 artists will be selected through the evaluation of the 10 best
projects and performances. The results will be published on Zona
Franca and Occupy the kitchen! websites and an email will be sent to
all the selected artists.
The selected performances will be planned (according to the
availability of the artists) within the Occupy the kitchen! vol. 2
calendar, which will be from September 2018 to June 2019. The selected
artists will be asked to create a performance at Zona Franca, Varese,
on a date to be agreed with Management. The performances will take
place once a month.


Each false or incomplete declaration will lead to the immediate
exclusion of the artist. Any projects presented after the deadline,
presented partially, or in contrast with any rules of this project are
to be considered invalid. The artists are also invited not to contact
any members of the Judge panel directly, as this could lead to their
immediate exclusion.


The board of professionals that will select the proposals:

_Alfred Agostinelli / photographer, visual artist, contributing writer;
_Filippo Bonomi / chef;
_Franca Formenti / [food] artivist;
_Monika Kostera / professor and writer, author of 'Occupy management!';
_Evelyn Leveghi / relational [food]designer, indie researcher;
_Stefano Liberti / journalist, reporter, filmmaker and writer, author
of 'I signori del cibo' and 'Land grabbing';
_Alice Pasin / landscape architect, seedsaver, farmer;
_Luca Rossi / chef;
_Michele Angelo Rugo / Surgeon, Psychiatrist, Psychoanalist, Eating
disorder specialist, Philosophy degree;
_Francesca Sironi / Investigative Journalist (L'Espresso);
_Oliver Vodeb / Extradisciplinary Designer, Researcher, Writer,
Educator, Curator, Memefest & Lipstick + Bread director;


By taking part in this selection process, each artist expressly
declares that the Project does not violate in any way, shape or form,
any rights or copyright of third parties, immediately relieving Occupy
the kitchen!, Zona Franca and Foodpower from any responsibility,
compensation or sanctions applied by third parties concerning the
It is implied that if the artist's project should be among those
selected, the artist commits to publishing the event and giving
adequate advertising space of a banner via their own website and/or
social media page.
The judge panel and Occupy the kitchen!, Zona Franca and Foodpower
team guarantee that any data provided for the participation in this
project will only be used for communicative purposes of the program of
the single evening sessions.


By taking part in this selection process, the artists authorize Occupy
the kitchen!, Zona Franca and Foodpower to publish a brief description
of the project and/or documents presented to participate in this
selection (How to take part) on their websites and social media,
and/or promote the project in other forms or means to the public in
order to stimulate a cultural debate. The presented materials
connected to the Projects, just as the Project itself, can be used by
Occupy the kitchen!, Zona Franca and Foodpower  in their working
environments through ordinary and extraordinary marketing on the
Occupy the kitchen! and Zona Franca websites, on social media and
other communication channels via the internet, radio, and press.
Even in the phase following the online publication, the team of
experts may examine the content of the projects that do not correspond
to the indicated criteria to take part in this selection process, or
are considered to be detrimental to the rights of third parties. It is
implied that the release form to use the Project and/or documents
presented to take part in the selection are conceded by the artists
without any territorial or frequency limitations, either as a whole or
partially, singularly or combined with other material, including and
without any limitations, texts, photographs or images predisposed
and/or created and/or chosen by Occupy the kitchen!, Zona Franca and
Foodpower or any other entity involved in the development of this
Project, in any format, via the internet or radio, press and for the
entire duration of the selection process.
It is also implied that, by taking part in this selection, this
release form is conceded with the same methods described above
concerning Selected Projects, forever, becoming a part of the archive
of the project to allow Occupy the kitchen!, Zona Franca and Foodpower
or any other entity involved, to promote this initiative to the public
and to advertise the development of the selection process itself.


Personal data is regulated by the privacy policy.
The selected artists and participants in the Occupy the kitchen vol. 2
program will be asked to sign a release form on site concerning any
photos/videos of the performance itself

For more information or enquiries, please write to: evelyn at zonafranca.biz

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