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Dear Film Festival Researchers:


As the year comes to an end let us say it was an amazing year for film
festival research.  It was nice meeting colleagues, friends and festival
folk around the globe at several great conferences and festivals panels
happening between New Orleans, London, Busan and Paris.  


As everything gets a bit quieter for the holidays, there might be time to
look back or check out something to read.  Therefore here is a tiny review
of the year in form of festival publications (also available online:



New film festival books


As the year comes to an end, yearly reviews abound.  Thus, it might be
timely to highlight a few new monographs and books in film festival studies.
2011 saw a vast number of new publications.  Here are a few highlights:


In winter, early in 2011 the most recent installment of the Film Festival
Yearbook series appeared.  The third volume edited by Dina Iordanova and
Ruby Cheung covered the topic of Film Festivals and East Asia. (St Andrews
Film Studies).  This spring the volume Festivals and the Cultural Public
Sphere edited by Liana Giorgi, Monica Sassatelli and Gerard Delanty stemming
from the "Euro Festival: Art Festivals and the European Public Sphere"
project came out at Routledge. This summer the dossier on Film Festivals
edited by David Archibald and Mitch Miller appeared in Screen journal.  This
summer Cindy Wong's awaited monograph Film Festivals: Culture, People, and
Power on the Global Screen appeared at Rutgers University Press.  Another
awaited book just came out: SooJeong Ahn's PhD thesis was published by Hong
Kong University Press as the monograph The Pusan International Film
Festival, South Korean Cinema and Globalization.


All other new publications on film festivals that came to our attention are
listed in the bibliography section on  <http://www.filmfestivalresearch.org>
www.filmfestivalresearch.org and will appear in the next installment of the
Bibliography update in Film Festival Yearbook 4, coming out in 2012.  (As
always, let us know about what we missed and alert us to new publications
coming out.)


Enjoy the end of the year with new reading suggestions.



We are looking forward to see you next year.  Either at the Berlin
International Film Festival (Feb 9-19, 2012) or in Boston at SCMS (March
21-25, 2012). Check out the amazing line-up of festival papers and panels:

And if that does not work, feel free to join us in Lisbon at NECS (June
21-23, 2012).  Send in paper and panel proposals by January 15, 2012:


Happy holidays, merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah & happy New Year!

Skadi Loist & Marijke de Valck




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