[Filmfestivalresearch] Film and Media Festivals Interest Group (SCMS)

ger zielinski, ph.d. geraldzielinski at trentu.ca
Thu Mar 17 00:14:21 CET 2011

Dear Festival Researchers,

Last week's large SCMS conference was quite impressive for festival 
research in its growing variety of topics and approaches. The papers and 
workshops probed the area in many exciting new ways. Congratulations to 
everyone concerned! (It was difficult to leave warm, welcoming New 
Orleans and return to winter.)

I would like to acknowledge here the recent acceptance of the "Film and 
Media Festivals Interest Group" by the board of directors of the SCMS 
and its inaugural meeting. Joining NECS, this will serve as another very 
useful node for festival researchers from around the world.


At the meeting, Skadi Loist and I were elected to serve as the first 
co-chairs for the group, with two- and three-year tenure, respectively. 
Once the SCMS has created a webpage for this new scholarly interest 
group (SIG), I will send out a message to prompt members of SCMS to add 
themselves as members. Minutes from the first general meeting will then 
be sent out to members via the SCMS site.

For those new members of the FFRN listserv, welcome! Should you have any 
questions regarding the new SCMS SIG, do contact Skadi or me directly.

(Incidentally, I also expressed concern to the president of SCMS about 
the very high international membership fees and noted that if some new 
formula were created, more scholars would likely join as members, 
whether they attend the conference or not. More on this later.)

Best regards,

Ger Zielinski, PhD
Assistant Professor of Media

Department of Cultural Studies
Trent University
Catharine Parr Traill College
Wallis Hall, Room 113
300 London Street
Peterborough, ON K9H 7P4 Canada

T: +1.705.748.1011 X6113
F: +1.705.748.1826

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