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Perhaps it would be worthwhile mentioning that there is an article on the
early history of the NYFF by Rahul Hamid in FFY1: The Festival Circuit
(2009) which I co-edited with Ragan Rhyne. I guess it is on the general
bibliogrpahy anyhow, but mentioning it again would not make any harm.

Best: Dina

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On 27/04/2011 23:45, "Marian Masone" <mmasone at filmlinc.com> wrote:

>Hi Sydney!
>I will be in Cannes; would love to meet up with Skadi.
>In the meantime: yes, I have been here a long time, but NOT in 1969! I
>don't know that there is a book about the NYFF; many articles, I'm sure,
>though I'm not sure how one would go about finding them. I'm going to ask
>two of my former colleagues, who WERE here in 1969 (or very shortly
>thereafter) -- they are now both on our board. They may have info.
>In the meantime, see you soon, I'm sure!
>All best,  Marian
>Marian Masone
>Film Society of Lincoln Center
>mmasone at filmlinc.com
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>Dear Clarissa,
>I am putting you in touch here with Marian Masone (212-875-5616) who is
>NY Film Society's programmer for the festival, New Directors and special
>events.  She has been there a VERY long time and I'm sure can help you on
>this.  She might have even been there in 1969, I can't recall.
>Marian, please help.  The Film Festival Research Group is a group headed
>by a dear friend Skadi Loest of Hamburg (FF and University).  If the two
>of you will be in Cannes, perhaps you can meet.  If not, I would like to
>introduce you in Berlin next year!
>All my best,
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>Hello again,
>Does any one know of anything written about the New York Film Festival?
>I'm looking for stuff on its founding, early history and I'm especially
>interested in the 1969 one. Any one know any articles or books on it?
>I've had no luck and I can't believe nothing has been written on it!
>Clarissa Jacob
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