[Filmfestivalresearch] IMPORTANT! Punto de Vista DOCUMENTARY Festival at risk!!!

Aida Vallejo aida_vallejo at yahoo.es
Thu Sep 22 09:03:39 CEST 2011

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The director of Punto de Vista, the
documentary film festival in Spain which became the meeting point for
experts on documentary and experimental cinema has announced the
cancelation of next edition (february 2012) because of a decision to
decrease public investment in culture by the Government of
Due to the increasing national and international support
(Mexico has offered to celebrate next edition in their city) the
government is starting to re-think its possible celebration.
festival, whith a strong tradition to show films from ex-soviet
republics (Tarkovski, Pelechian) and Eastern Europe (Kerekes and
Nemes were awarded there) is calling for international support to
continue with its goal to promote cinema as an art form.
send your complain to: puntodevistapamplona at gmail.com or support the
festival in their official facebook account:
money for public interest!!

Aida Vallejo Vallejo
(Lecturer at University of the Basque Country and researcher on documentary and film festivals)
aida_vallejo at yahoo.eswww.researchondocumentaryfilm.blogspot.com 

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