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Thu Dec 6 23:32:23 CET 2012

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Dear all,

This is Aida Vallejo,
professor at University of the Basque Country (Spain) and chair of Documentary
Work-group within European Network for Cinema and Media Studies.

I am currently working on
the edition of a monograph on DOCUMENTARY FESTIVALS (in English) and would like to contact those currently researching in this field who would be willing to collaborate in this book with an article.

If so, I would appreciate
to receive an abstract about the possible topic of your article (250 words), as
well as 5 bibliographical references and short CV (5 lines).DEADLINE: 17th December, 2012.Send proposal to: aida_vallejo at yahoo.es

If you don't want to contribute with an article, there is also a possibility to include
interviews and short articles about professional
practices within the documentary festival circuit, so please let us
know if you are willing to collaborate with this second option.

Thank you for your time.
Best regards,

Aida Vallejo Vallejoweb: aidavallejo.tk
aida_vallejo at yahoo.es

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