[Filmfestivalresearch] research on film festival preservation

Heather Barnes hlbarnes at email.unc.edu
Wed Feb 15 16:28:32 CET 2012

I am a doctoral student at UNC Chapel Hill in North Carolina (School of 
Information and Library Science), and I have been working on research in 
the area of film festival preservation. Specifically, I have done a 
pilot survey (with 200 film festivals) that focused on their records 
management practices and archiving partnerships. I've also completed a 
short case study of an existing festival/archives deposit agreement. I 
am interested in connecting with other researchers in this area, 
specifically those interested in issues related to archiving film 
festival materials. Please feel free to contact me at 
hlbarnes at email.unc.edu if you have research interests in this area or 
would like to recommend existing research/resources. Thanks very much!

Best regards,

Heather L. Barnes
PhD student
UNC School of Information and Library Science

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