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Hello.  Are there any additional details about the workshop?  We were told to express interest but not necessarily to propose an abstract or anything else.


Greg de Cuir, Jr.
Selector/Programmer, Alternative Film/Video Belgrade

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Subject: [Filmfestivalresearch] Reminder CfP NECS 2012 // deadline January 15

Dear festival researchers:

Here is a quick reminder for our Call for Papers and workshops for this
year's NECS conference, taking place in Lisbon June 21-23, 2012.

The deadline for abstracts as part of the pre-constituted panels and
workshop of the Film Festival Research Workgroup is January 15.  Please
email your proposals to Marijke de Valck at:
<mailto:marijke at filmfestivalresearch.org> marijke at filmfestivalresearch.org.



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The NECS 2012 Conference
"Time Networks: Screen Media and Memory"
Lisbon, 21st-23th June 2012
hosted by the New University of Lisbon and the University of Coimbra

In preparation for the sixth annual  <http://www.necs.org/> NECS conference
in Lisbon next year we would like to invite scholars working on film
festivals (especially members of the Film Festival Research Network & Film
Festival Research Work Group) to submit paper proposals for one of more
pre-constituted panels.

The panel(s) will be open to papers on all aspects of research relating to
film festivals, but we specifically invite papers on the conference theme of
'screens and memory'.

Panels may consist of 3 to 4 speakers with a maximum of 20 minutes speaking
time each. All presenters are obliged to provide a title, an abstract of max
150 words, 3-5 key bibliographical references, name, institutional
affiliation and a short bio of the presenter. We ask anyone interested in
participating in a film festival panel to send their completed proposal to
Marijke ( <mailto:marijke at filmfestivalresearch.org>
marijke at filmfestivalresearch.org) by JANUARY 15, 2012 to allow time for
preparation of the overall panel(s) description(s) and submission before the
general submissions deadline on January 31, 2012.

In addition we are thinking about organizing a workshop on the relations and
collaborations between scholars and festival(s) (professionals),
provisionally entitled "Academics and Festivals: On the Flow of Labour,
Expertise and Influence Between". If you're interested in contributing to
such a workshop, please send an email to Marijke before DECEMBER 22, 2011.

The conference language is English. Conference attendance is free, but NECS
membership is required to participate in the conference. For the terms of
NECS membership, please see the website. Participants will have to cover
their own travel and accommodation expenses. Detailed information on NECS
and the Lisbon Conference will be posted on  <http://www.necs.org/>
www.necs.org .

Kind regards,

Marijke de Valck
Skadi Loist
Ger Zielinski


Skadi Loist

Co-Founder / Admin

Film Festival Research Network (FFRN)

<http://www.filmfestivalresearch.org> www.filmfestivalresearch.org

<mailto:skadi at filmfestivalresearch.org> skadi at filmfestivalresearch.org

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