[Filmfestivalresearch] Archival Film Festivals: two items

Dina Iordanova dina.iordanova at st-andrews.ac.uk
Mon Jul 2 13:29:26 CEST 2012

Dear friends,

I am currently working on putting together a volume on Archival Film Festivals, with Alex Marlow-Man. The volume is commissioned and takes shape very nicely.

We still need assistance, however, with two items on the Table of Contents, and thought to check with subscribers to this list.

  1.  Interview with Joshua Siegel. We are planing to include an interview with Joshua Siegel, Associate Curator of Film at MOMA and director of the 'To Save and Project: MoMA International Festival of Film Preservation'. Joshua has already agreed to participate and we are trying to identify a qualified interview. We need  the interviewer to prepare a list of questions (in consultation with us), get in touch with Joshua Siegel, agree a date, conduct a phone/Skype or internet interview, then transcribe and edit the interview, presenting it to our style standards. (We will send you sample interviews from previous publications to use as a template). We are looking for a piece of maximum 4,000 words in length and the (strict) deadline for submission would be the end of October.
  2.  We are also looking for somebody to compile a table listing of festivals that feature exclusively archival material or have a significant archival sidebar. This may be presented as one table, or more. We would also be interested in seeing a table of festivals that are dedicated to screening specific formats (e.g. 16 mm, beta, etc.). The table would need to provide a comprehensive list of international festivals complete with URLs and dates of operation. Again, we will send you a template to assist your research, and will consult with you in the process.
Archival Film Festivals, which will be published by St Andrews Film Studies in February 2013. You will receive a complementary copy of the book plus the opportunity to purchase additional copies at a discounted rate.

Please be in touch with Alex Marlow-Mann (apmm at st-andrews.ac.uk) if you are interested in taking up one of these assignments. Do copy me in when you write to Alex, please. When contacting us, please indicate what relevant background and interest you have for the task.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Best: Dina

Prof. Dina Iordanova
Chair in Film Studies
Provost, St. Leonard's College
Publisher, StAFS
University of St. Andrews


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