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Hello.  I wish I could help but funding is a challenge I imagine everyone has a hard time overcoming.  Good luck.  Your project sounds interesting and I'd love to hear more about it.

Best regards,

Greg de Cuir, Jr.

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Dear all,

my name is Franzi and I am currently studying for a Masters in Arts,
Culture and Education at the University of Cambridge. I have just been
accepted to start a PhD on Student Film Festivals in October, however I
have not found any funding for the project yet. To my knowledge there is no
study which considers student film festivals and their impact on young film
makers and the industry and after working in the sector for five years, I
would love to get stuck into the research properly. I am currently in touch
with 150 student film festivals via the International Student Film
Organization <http://www.futureinfilm.com/>.

Here my question: Do you know or can you think of any organisations which
would have an interest in supporting the research? It is hopefully going to
map and connect film students from all over the world and would provide
some very interesting data on student arts volunteering.

I'd love to hear from you- if you have any ideas or suggestions at all
please get in touch!

Thank you,
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