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Dear film festival research colleagues:


In the last few days a few messages reached me that might be of interest to
FFRN members.  



#1  Screen Industries in East-Central Europe & Theorizing Screenwriting,
BRNO 22-25 Nov 2012


The Second Annual Screen Industries in East-Central Europe Conference
investigates historical and contemporary dimensions of the region's
audiovisual media industries from all angles - local, transnational,
economic, cultural, social, and political - and through a broad range of
original scholarship delivered in the form of conceptual papers and
empirical case-studies. The workshop Theorizing Screenwriting Practice
brings together scholars of film and television, practicing screenwriters,
and other media professionals to discuss changing practices, institutional
frameworks, and the social status of screenwriting in contemporary screen


The conference features a panel on "Film Festivals and the Cold War" 




Chair: Lucie Česálková

1. Dorota Ostrowska (Birkbeck College, University of London, UK): Polish
Cinema at International Film Festivals

2. Stefano Pisu (University of Cagliari, Italy): International Cultural
Relations between WWII and the Cold War: USSR at the Venice Film Festival

3. Jindřiška Bláhová (Independent Scholar, Czech Rep.): Marty (1955), the
International Film Festival Karlovy Vary, and Hollywood-Czechoslovak
Cold-War Relations

4. Aida Vallejo (University of the Basque Country and Universidad Autónoma
de Madrid, Spain): Industry Sections: Documentary Festivals between
Production and Distribution

Respondent: Melis Behlil


Full program:



#2  Open Access publications on Film Festival Academy


The Film Festival Academy is an international community network platform for
film festival professionals. FFA welcomes members from the wider film
community of filmmakers, distributors, film critics, students and academics.
The Academy provides a credible and ethical space for knowledge exchange,
vocational training, and actual collaboration.


The Film Festival Academy will be making very many film festival-related
publications available online. On the FFA site already available are
downloadable PDFs of six texts that should be of direct interest to anyone
working in the field: Marijke de Valck's groundbreaking history of the
development of film festivals; NISI MASA's report from the industry training
workshop in Espinho, July 2012; Thomas Elsaesser's seminal chapter 'Film
Festival Networks: The New Topographies of Cinema in Europe' from his
excellent volume European Cinema: Face to Face with Hollywood; a new
provocation from Mark Cousins, who challenges us to think afresh about film
festival form; the entire International Film Guide 2012, with detailed
surveys of the national cinema of over a hundred countries as well as
director profiles and festival lisitings; and Dekalog 3: On Film Festivals,
a fine collection of essays from festival programmers, academics and film


Visit the site for publications and further information on the Film Festival
Academy: http://www.filmfestivalacademy.net/publications


Information and material on the first FFA event, which took place at the New
York Film Festival September 27-28, can also be found on the site:


Have a good look and become a member of the Film Festival Academy.



#3  NECSUS_The European Journal of Media Studies is looking for film
festival reports. 


The NECSUS film festival review section publishes critical writing on film
festivals. It offers a platform for writings that fall between the fast and
prolific genre of individual festival reports and the slow and rigorous
labor of film festival research. Rather than merely reviewing the latest
festival edition, contributors are asked to take a critical distance and
reflect upon one or more thematic issues that are relevant to the
professional field and/or for media studies. Reviews can be motivated by
current affairs but should also tackle issues that tend to remain hidden in
the midst of festival buzz.


If you are interested in writing a festival review please contact the
festival review editors Marijke de Valck (
<mailto:marijke at filmfestivalresearch.org> marijke at filmfestivalresearch.org)
and Skadi Loist ( <mailto:Skadi at filmfestivalresearch.org>
skadi at filmfestivalresearch.org).

Submission guidelines: http://www.necsus-ejms.org/guidelines-for-submission/


General topics for the upcoming NECSUS issues are "Green" #3 (Spring 2013) -
http://www.necsus-ejms.org/portfolio/3-spring-2013-the-green-issue/  and
"Waste" #4 (Fall 2013)



#4  Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media
<http://www.alphavillejournal.com> www.alphavillejournal.com

CFP: conference and film festival reports


The editors of Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media seek conference
and film festival reports for Issue 5, to be published Summer 2013.
Potential contributors are invited to submit a conference or film festival
report (in MLA style), along with a short bibliography and contact
information to the editors by 1 March 2013. Reports should be 1,500-2,500
words in length and should be original, unpublished in print or
electronically, and not under consideration elsewhere.


Please contact the Conference and Festival Reports editor at:

Yuanyuan Chen, Film Studies, University College Cork
<mailto:yuanyuan.alphaville at gmail.com> yuanyuan.alphaville at gmail.com

Film Studies at University College Cork: http://www.ucc.ie/en/filmstudies/



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